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Nose Reshaping


There are several processes to go through before rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) surgery is complete. These processes are broken down into five distinct steps. Those steps are surgeon acquisition, discussion, procedure, recovery, and results.

Surgeon Acquisition

The acquisition of a proper cosmetic surgeon is one of the most important aspects of the procedural process. A few things to be avoided at all costs are deals that seem to good to be true, unlicensed clinics, backdoor surgeons, and anyone without the pre-requisite experience to perform this surgery well. The truth is that even if a talented surgeon is capable of performing a rhinoplasty surgery that is flawless then they obviously must have been practicing for a few years. cosmetic surgeons new to the craft might perform well but they do have a higher risk of not meeting the exact needs of their patients. The preffered surgeon will have a minimum of five years of practical experience in medicine and at least two of those years will include cosmetic surgery of this type.


This is an important step as well. This is the step that the procedure is discussed and the method chosen. A patient will normally be able to see what they should loook like after the procedure on a computer monitor.


There are two main procedures that will possibly be performed after the anesthesia is administered. The first is the open method which involves cutting the external skin of the nose along the columnella so that it can be raised up allowing the surgeon greater access to the nasal cavity. The second is the closed method which does not damaged the external skin as is done from within the nose as is.


The recovery process takes between one to two weeks normally depending on the amount of nose reshaping that is done. Typical side effects of this surgery include swelling, bruising, and possible numbness along the tip of the nose. Complications vary from gross incompetence on the part of the doctor to infection.


This step is the viewing of the finished product. This is the time to determine is revision surgery is necessary or if the nose reshaping has done its job to the joy or despair of the patient.