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Is it Best to Reduce Your Breasts?


Breast reduction is a form of cosmetic surgery used to minimize the adverse effects of large breasts. It is performed on individuals suffering from back, shoulder, head and neck pain derived from large breasts as well as skin irritation beneath crease of breast, daily indentations made by bra straps, enlarged areolas caused by large breast size and body-image issues related to large breasts.

The procedure involves removing fat, skin and glandular tissue from the breasts and sometimes includes an additional procedure to fix drooping. Two common methods in breast reduction are inferior pedicle technique and vertical scar technique. Both techniques result in nipple sensitivity and difficulty in lactating. It should be noted that women wishing to breastfeed should not undergo a breast reduction surgery. Both of these methods make the incision in the breast with the inferior extending down with the natural curve of the area. Other methods available, but not as popular, are the transaxillary (through the armpit) and transumbilical (through the bellybutton).

Post-surgery care involves dressings/bandages worn on incision sites. Wearing a support bra helps to minimize swelling and discomfort. Sometimes a small tube is inserted to aid in drainage of excess fluids and blood. The result of breast reduction can provide physical comfort as well as mental comfort with a more proportioned body while adding the benefit of leading a more active lifestyle with breasts now in check and under control.

If deciding between the two common methods, keep in mind the inferior pedicle technique is the best method for treating the largest and droopiest breasts, even though it can sometimes leave breasts with a “square” appearance. The vertical scar method has gained attention with its optimal long-term results and smallest amount of scarring.

Since some breast reductions are solely performed to alleviate physical pain associated with larger breasts, some insurances may cover the expense. It is important to keep in mind that pre-certification is required to receive such benefits.