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What is the need for a dental bridge?


When an individual is missing more than one tooth at a certain place in their mouth, dental bridges may be helpful in restoring the natural look and function of the missing teeth. When there is a gap on one side of the mouth, the side that is not missing teeth is often stressed upon because it has to work without the other side. The gap also leaves your gums open to infection and injury. When food is crammed into the gap it sets up infection and tooth decay. There are two simple ways to fill in the gaps. The first is removable false teeth also known as partial dentures. The second is called a fixed bridge. The dental bridge is usually used when fewer teeth are missing or if it the teeth are missing from the same side of the mouth. Bridges are used as an alternative to partial dentures only if the teeth are strong enough to support this treatment. If teeth have been removed, partial dentures may be used for the first six months to give the gums time to heal after the removal. After the gums are healed, if you choose to have a bridge placed in the mouth, the treatment will be set up into two visits. On the first visit, the dentist will numb the area where the bridge is to be placed.

If any dental trimming is necessary on either side of the gap where the bridge is going, it will be done and then a mold of the area will be taken. A temporary bridge is placed into the mouth while the permanent bridge is being made. When you go for your second appointment, the temporary bridge is removed. The dentist makes sure the bridge fits into the gap as planned and everything is correct. Then he or she cements the bridge into place. If the patient requires a permanent or fixed bridge the bridge is temporarily cemented into place to check for proper fit and wear and is permanently cemented into place after a couple of weeks. The bridge must be kept clean and clear of infection and regular check-ups should be made to ensure the health of the bridge and teeth. This entire process of fixing the dental bridges may be costly. But you need not panic, as you can easily afford for it by applying for payday.