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Uplift someone’s mood with these online gift combos with refreshing plants!

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Plants are known to be the bread to eyes. The lush green beauties can uplift someone’s spirit in no time. While some people love gardening, others love to walk in the garden for hours long. In any way, everyone loves to be with plants. Plants are the primary part of Mother Nature and being connected to plants give us the opportunity to be connected to our nature. In addition to all the medicinal, biological and ecological benefits we get from plants, they help us to stay healthy, happy and cheerful. A place within the woods is always better than a deserted area. While we talk about the beauty and benefits of plants, we can’t ignore the fact that they can be used as a great element of gifting. If you are planning to give a special surprise on someone’s house warming, baby shower, thread ceremony, or on festivals like Diwali, Holi and even on birthday or anniversary, then the option of a green gift will never let you down. This kind of gift will stand out in the crowd of gifts and leaves a special impression on the recipient. Here are some gifting combos that comprise a gift item with a plant variant:

Money plant with Dairy Milk pack

The best buying plant is money plant which is almost everyone’s need for their outdoor as well as indoor plantation. Surprise someone with a beautiful potted money plant along with a few bars of their most favourite Dairy milk chocolates. This combination can be gifted to anyone on their special day.

Tulsi Plant with Lakshmi Ganesh idols

If you are looking for online Diwali gifts to surprise your parents, relatives or anyone elderly, then without thinking twice, gift them with this amazing combo.

Jade plant with bunch of Five Star chocolates

Jade is known as a lucky plant that requires minimum maintenance. This plant looks very beautiful and enhance the beauty of the place as well. Surprise your dear ones with this plant and a bunch of Five Star chocolates so that it can just make their day.

Good luck bamboo with soft toy

For wishing someone best of luck, or gifting on a festival like Diwali, Holi or even on New Year, when getting blessings and best wishes is the need of the moment, Good luck bamboo plant serve the bestamong all other indoor plant options. A soft toy along with this plant can just make the gift lookultimately adorable. You can send this wonderful combo to your sister, cousin, lover or anyone you adore the most.

Syngonium with black forest cake

Syngonium can grow very easily in any place. On a special one’s birthday, surprise them with a midnight gift of this wonderful leafy plant along with their favourite black forest cake to rejoice the lovely moments. This combination and many other are readily available in the store of MyFlowerApp where the midnight cake delivery can take place in every city of India including Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Pune.

Potted money plant with flower bouquet

Potted plants are not just beautiful to look at but are a thoughtful way of gifting as there is no need of searching for a pot for the recipient to place their gift. Flower bouquets are just the perfect way of gifting on any occasion. Thus, a potted money plant with flower bouquet can look just great togetheras a combo gift.

Peace lily with chocolate bouquet

To bring harmony and peace in a relationship, gift someone a potted peace lily. This amazing gift is just a superb way to represent your affection for them. To make the gift look sweet and lovely, you can add a bouquet arrangement of yummy chocolates.