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Benefits of crab apple trees

crab apple trees

If you want to grow a tree in your garden, you can search for different options on the internet. One of the best trees that can increase the beauty of your garden without extra maintenance is the crab apple tree. We have compiled a list of benefits to help you understand why crab apple trees are excellent for your garden.

Increase the beauty of the garden

Most people are aware of the beauty of cherry blossoms. Hundreds of flowers look mesmerizing on the cherry tree. Only a handful of people know about the crab apple blossoms. These trees grow many flowers in the spring season. These trees can increase the beauty of your garden drastically as these flowers reflect sunlight to produce illuminating effects.

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Source of pollinators

You may like butterflies and bees in your garden. These are excellent pollinators as they travel long distances to find food. If you have an apple tree in your garden, planting these trees is a better choice.

Crab apple flowers are going to attract more pollinators and it will help in the cross-pollination of regular apple trees. You can increase the production of apples by planting trees of crab apples.

Low maintenance

Some trees require a lot of effort from the gardener. You may have to do regular pruning and spray insecticides to prevent decay. There is no need to do such things for the crab apple plants.

These trees are easy to maintain as you only have to water them for a few months till their roots reach underground sources of water. These trees defend themselves against pests also. You may not need frequent insecticide sprays when you are growing these plants.

High production

Crab apples are an excellent source of pectin. Many companies are using acting as an alternative to gelatin because they cannot use gelatin in vegan food. You can also use the crab apple fruits to make jam.

As these trees produce high amounts of crab apples, planting one or two trees is enough to get high production. You can also sell the fruits to the juice production companies to gain profits. It is also possible to sell these fruits to pharma companies because they use pectin in multivitamin jelly for children.