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Top 5 Beauty Essential Must Haves


With so many products to choose from and trends coming from here and there, it’s getting harder to keep track of which beauty products you should either keep or throw out. Sorting out your makeup bag into which essentials should be kept can be confusing.

To help you with your dilemma, here are five makeup must have you should keep on your purse or splurge on:


Need a pop of color on your face quick? Blush is the ultimate fix for you. With a single swipe, it instantly makes your face look alive. Picking the right shade of blush for you is also crucial because there is a huge difference between looking like you’re blushing or like you wore a blush on. If you’re aiming for a more natural look, experts recommend a lighter shade.

Simply swipe it across your cheekbones, which ultimately sticks out whenever you smile. If you see the start and end of your blush, you may have done it too dark, and you might have to redo it.


Another instant solution is concealers. They provide temporary fixes to the minor imperfections in your face like the dark circles under your eyes, dark spots, blemishes, redness, and even pimples. To hide them completely, certain tricks and techniques must be followed.

Gently put small amounts on the dark areas and then dab them using your ring finger. You might need to wait a moment until your skin absorbs it before proceeding to cautiously blend it, preventing it from rubbing all of the product off your face.


Mascaras can volumize your eyelashes in a matter of seconds. If your eyelashes are not long enough, there are a variety to choose from, which can make your lashes look longer with just a few coats. However, make sure to regularly check your mascara so you can prevent accidentally using clumpy ones.

For maximum effect, try using an eyelash curler first. Start from the eyelids up to the tips of the lashes in an upward motion while wiggling it in a zigzag motion to make sure that all the lashes are coated.

Basic Eyeshadow Palette

An ideal eyeshadow palette for a natural makeup look has shades that are not too far from your natural color. For fair skin, it can mean shades close or a little darker to light apricot. Taupey-gray or golden beige for those with medium skin tones and a soft plum or light brown for the ones with darker skin.

Make sure to use a soft eyeshadow brush and sweep it across the lids and blend it just above the creases. To prevent hard line, use light and feathery strokes upon application.

Wet Wipes

One of the essential beauty products is the wet wipes. It’s ironic how it’s easily forgotten. Sleeping without washing off your make up first can have terrible effects on your skin. So, if you just had a long day and no strength left to continue your nightly skincare routine, the least you can do is remove your makeup.

Keep a pack for your bag and another for your nightstand, so you don’t forget it!

There are lots of beauty products out there, but there are the essential ones that every woman should have. For a wide selection of beauty products, check out YSL Beaute Malaysia – the Malaysia premium makeup online store.