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The Philosophy Followed in the Latest Concept Car of Hyundai


Hyundai as a luxury car brand branched out from its parent concern Hyundai to emphasize more on the concept of luxury. Hence, we can guess very well that Hyundai will have still better concept of design and performance when it comes to luxury cars, and here we are finding their concept car ‘Le Fil Rouge’ which is a direct reflection of belief that the Hyundai brand that ‘past, present and future designs are all connected’. As learnt from the Hyundai dealer Philadelphia, the ‘Le Fil Rouge’ is a concept car that carries the ‘design DNA’ of Hyundai Coupe Concept since 1974 to introduce a distinctively sporty spirit in their vehicles.

The Introduction of a New Concept

The latest approach taken by Hyundai towards introducing a new design was no doubt to create a ‘Sensuous Sportiness’, that would be embedded with instinctive beauty, that can create an instant emotional value to whoever looks at it and especially for the ones who will own it. the introduction of this new concept of design was to exploit the desirability in the vehicle enthusiasts and make them feel proud to own something they deserve.

This concept of ‘Sensuous Sportiness’ is reportedly defined by harmonizing the four primary elements of vehicle design, namely, the right proportion, the unique architecture, a pristine styling, and smartest technology.

Being Proportionate

The ‘Le Fil Rouge’ as a concept car will invariably be able to create a strong initial impression on the onlookers because of its rightly proportionate disposition following the golden rule of the mathematical ratio that came naturally by casting a long wheel base for the large-sized wheels yet with smaller overhangs. The ‘dash-to-axle ‘ on the other side maintains a healthy distance from the front wheel center to the base of the windshield to achieve a perfect driving angle, while the higher beltline gives the design a completely proportionate look.

Unique Architecture

With their concept car ‘Le Fil Rouge’, Hyundai Hyundai introduced a new concept of architecture as well, which they call as the ‘Light Architecture’, which is aimed impose a new identity to the existing design heritage of the well-known brand. This Light Architecture sketches out a dynamic layout with a specially created forward motion effect to the new vehicle. As per this architectural design the front and rear pillars along with the roof will seamlessly blend with the silhouette of the car that will look as an overarched. This will create an optical illusion, making the car look like being drawn out of a single flowing line.

Pristine Styling

At the Hyundai Philadelphia, we found the ‘Le Fil Rouge’ instantly recognizable, as a Hyundai product even from a considerable distance. The vehicle carries with it a sensuous tension especially on its sides through a perfect mixture of crisp layered lines in sufficient numbers. The vehicle is structured with ample concave and convex shapes that can be given credit for the perfect ambience it creates. Lastly the cascading grille deserves a lot of appreciation for the three-dimensional angles. And all this makes the Hyundai Concept car the ‘Le Fil Rouge’ a highly desirable automobile artefact.