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The Positive Effects of Cannabis on PTSD


PTSD is a traumatic mental condition with the number of cases rising at an alarming rate. There are few known effective treatments for PTSD, so this is why many people have turned to certain cannabis strains to help with the symptoms of the condition. From our research, we have found that strains that have a high concentration of CBD tend to provide the best effects in treating the symptoms of PTSD. Click here https://herbalonlinedenature.com/ if you are interested in an overview of the use of medical Cannabis.

In the states that have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes, PTSD is more than likely included on the list of conditions which are allowed access to cannabis. This is because there is scientific evidence which suggests that many sufferers have found relief through the regular use of cannabis, and even a reduction in symptoms. Cannabis can also be used to treat liver disease. Check out https://www.takingcareofmyliver.com/ for more information on how cannabis can be used to treat liver illness.

Central to the success of using cannabis for treating PTSD is to select the right strain. CBD rich strains are popular. Recent scientific research suggests that CBD can help PTSD sufferers decrease learned fears, which many believe is the cause of PTSD.

Here is a list of our recommended strains:

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Amnesia Haze

The name of this strain certainly reflects the effects it exerts on the human body. This is a great strain for forgetting about things. It is important to note that this strain has a high concentration of THC, so you may want to build up tolerance of THC before using this strain on a regular basis. For some, anxiety can in fact be worsened using this strain, so we would recommend you stay clear of this strain if you have regular anxiety attacks. Some of the numerous positive effects of this strain include an energetic and long lasting “happy” high, which is used by many PTSD sufferers to get them through the day.


Romulan is a popular Indica which is accompanied with a head high that is quite powerful. We would recommend PTSD sufferers use this strain in the evening to help them relax both the mind and body.

Durban Poison

If you are looking for a strain high in THC, Durban Poison is our recommended strain for PTSD sufferers.  This sativa is excellent for completely blocking out the world when used in large quantities, so make sure you start off with low doses to begin with to try and find the right dosage that produces a therapeutic benefit for you.