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The best car to buy for the family – Hyundai New Santro


When it comes to buying a car for the family, then everyone looks for luxurious and comfortabe car. In order to get this type of car, you can look for Hyundai cars. For the ones who want to buy any of the hyundai cars than can opt for below-given information depicting about Hyundai new santro price and other features.

Hyundai Santro Price

When it comes to Hyundai Santro price, then the price varies with the different set of models. The Hyundai Santro price is available at price range of around 3.9lakh which is the on road price of this car. Therefore, the price can vary with a different set of model.

Hyundai Santro Engine

The  Hyundai Santro new is launched with the powerful engine which offers a power of 68bhp and produces a torque of around 101Nm. Therefore, the engine is equipped with automatic five-speed. The engine of this car offers an impressive mileage of around 20.3kmpl.

Interior Features of Hyundai Santro New

This Hyundai Santro interior one the amazing SUV that is launched with impressive interiors. The car is equipped with dual tone interiors, climate control, and a touchscreen information system. The car seats are of leather and are attached with the airbag to offer safety to the passengers. The car is launched with the front and rear cameras and with large windows.

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Safety features

The  Hyundai Santro new is launched with a strong streamlined body to offer a high strength. Moreover, the car is equipped with adjustable power steering to offer you comfortable driving. The car is also having front and rear parking sensors and keyless entry that provides extra safety to the car.

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Design and color

The Hyundai  Santro new has launched equipped with the new latest design that is Rhythmical Tension. The all Hyundai Santro new includes of the cascading grille with a twist in chrome sound. This car consists of sculpted counters on the front bumper as well as sides of the car.  The car is also equipped with the latest audio systems which provide entertainment to the passengers.

There are many cars that one can buy for themselves. In case if you are looking to buy any of the  Hyundai cars then Hyundai Santro new is one of the best cars to buy. The information given above provides information about Hyundai new Santro interiors, price, and other features.