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Tips to Help You Cope with a Funeral


Attending a funeral can be an overwhelming experience, especially if it is a loved one. Some of us have a fear of going, we can’t handle the occasion and prefer to miss it instead of paying our respects. It is understandable to feel this way, it is nothing to feel ashamed of or bad about. Merseyside funeral directors recommend taking steps to manage your anxiety by using coping strategies to assist you on the day. Remember these reasons why you should attend the funeral:

  • It’s not about you.
  • You’re also there to support & comfort others.
  • It is important to pay your respects.
  • The family of the deceased will appreciate your attendance.
  • It’s a time to let go & say goodbye.

Having to attend a funeral can be very difficult, if you think you can’t cope, try some of these strategies to help you on the day.

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Open Up

One of the best ways to cope with anxiety is to open up and speak to a close friend or family member. Talking about how you feel is important, it helps to reduce stress and control your emotions.

Showing Emotion

Remember that crying is a part of the grieving process, you should never feel ashamed to cry in public. People understand if you find yourself overcome with emotion, its normal during such as challenging time.

Find a Partner

You can always bring a friend or partner to help you on the day, having a familiar individual around makes it a lot easier to cope during difficult events.