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Responsive website VS mobile application: what to choose a business

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Today, many business managers naturally pay attention to the growth of mobile traffic and see a panacea for all problems in mobile applications. But let’s evaluate the appropriateness of investments in mobile applications from the point of view of the effect that they allow to achieve: increase in revenues, lower costs, increased customer loyalty. Current global statistics indicate that more than 60% of mobile applications today do not pay off. Moreover, considering the market of the CIS countries, we can assume that here this figure will be even higher.

Looking at the numerous success stories, many forget that the application is just a tool, behind which are the most complex debugged business processes, which most domestic companies are simply not able to provide. As a result, we at WebSailors can safely say that even with the intensive development of mobile technologies, not all types of business require their own applications.Rather, even this: you can reckon on the fingers of an industry where the application can be more effective than the mobile version of the site: for example, a taxi, food delivery or banks.

Along with this, with the exception of a narrow segment of b2b e-commerce projects that are designed to work with the desktop, the sites of companies themselves should be maximally adapted for a mobile audience. Especially considering the new site ranking rules when using Google Mobile Search, which came into force this spring. Indeed, today it’s not a secret to anyone that the proportion of site visitors from mobile devices in the Republic of Belarus, depending on the specifics of the business, ranges from 20% to 40%.

Thus, it is now more relevant for business to invest in an adaptive version of a site than in a mobile application. By the way, mobile versions of sites (the so-called PDA versions, when a mini-duplicate of a site is created) are already a thing of the past and become history. Therefore, I propose to compare precisely the responsive website design with mobile applications.

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