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Everything you need to know about smart homes


Thanks to access to the web, we are able to take advantage of our full potential through online shopping, communication, and entertainment. Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular today because modern technologies are used to make our lives easier. What is a smart home and why is a popular trend today?

Smart homes – houses equipped with the latest technology

A smart home is packed with modern technology, very practical, and facilitates many activities for its residents. This is the main premise of the smart home – to do all the tedious and repetitive activities, such as opening and closing window blinds. A key element of the smart home is an answering unit, i.e. a device which acts as a command centre. An answering unit can be used to control the temperature of underfloor heating or air conditioning, open or close the blinds, open the doors, or answering incoming calls from intercoms. Another device that is necessary in every smart home is a security intercom, which enables door video communication. Thanks to these advanced devices, you can check who is at your door before you let them inside. Such security intercoms are also a very practical device when it comes to increasing home security. Such an intercom takes a picture of everyone who is at your door, so identifying potential burglars is simple. Pictures taken by the intercom are immediately sent to your email address. Security intercoms are a great extension of the house security system.

What is the price of such advanced devices?

Some time ago, such advanced devices were extremely expensive, which is why only wealthy people could afford them. Today, equipping your home with innovative intercoms or answering units is not expensive, which is why everyone can afford it. When looking for devices for your smart home, it is worth choosing the Czech brand 2N, which stands out on the market thanks to its excellent value for money.