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Preparing Your Cat for Boarding at a Cat Hotel


Sometimes you need to take a holiday and so does your cat. Both of you can enjoy a reprieve, provided you find just the right cattery for your cat.

A Friendly and Inviting Place to Stay

Choose a highly regarded hotel that makes every effort to support the needs of cats. Not only should the accommodation be comfortable, but the cattery should also be a friendly and inviting place to stay.

Making Preparations

Before you reserve a room for your cat, you will need to do the following:

  • Make sure you bring any bedding that will ensure your cat’s comfort.
  • Procure a current certificate of vaccination. The certificate should cover vaccination for feline infectious enteritis (FIE) and feline flu. All pet owners are required to obtain a vaccination certificate if they are reserving a stay at boarding kennels and catteries in Wiltshire. This ensures the safety of all the pets who stay at the facilities.

Your cat will also be examined when you arrive at the hotel. If any signs of infection or a contagious condition are revealed, the hotel owner reserves the right to refuse the pet’s admittance. Again, these precautionary measures must be taken to ensure the safety of all occupants.

Noted Amenities

Besides a nice and spacious room, your cat will also receive the following amenities:

  • A nutritious All cats at the hotel receive a balanced diet each day. Let the facility know about any meal preferences. If your cat dislikes certain foods, notify the staff.
  • Medical care for existing conditions, such as diabetes.

If you are planning a holiday, keep the above information in mind, especially if you will need to board your feline.