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5 Popular Dog Breeds for the Outdoor Life

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The decision to bring a pet into the family is not something to rush into, and your location and environment will play a part in your choice of breed. If you are lucky enough to live in a rural area, then your dog will be able to enjoy a healthy outdoor lifestyle, and this is perhaps the best environment of all. Here are a few of the popular dog breeds that like to have wide open spaces, and are suitable for the outdoor life.

  1. Labrador Retriever – Originally from Canada, the Labrador is a solid and energetic breed with a very affectionate nature, making it an ideal family dog. As his name suggests, he will fetch a rubber ball, no matter how far you throw it, and he loves to jump into water. A Labrador will certainly retrieve fish and fowl, so this is the ideal breed if you are a farmer. Intelligent and always looking to please, Labradors are perhaps the most popular breed for families, and if you live in a rural area, you will love the wide open spaces. If you are interested in learning about famous dog breeds then visit tonsofcats.com,
  1. German Shepherd – This breed is commonly used in police work, which means the dog is very intelligent, and loyalty makes it a great choice for the family dog. They can have hip issues, but do require a lot of exercise, and with regular visits to the vet, your dog will be in good hands. Pet dog insurance makes sense, and there are online insurers that can tailor the policy to suit your needs.
  1. Siberian Husky – The ultimate working dog, the Siberian Husky was bred in the cold regions of Russia, and it loves to pull. A very energetic breed, the Husky is not suitable for an urban environment, unless you have access to a large park. High maintenance with this one, as the long coat requires regular brushing, but they are fantastic family dogs, and once he is trained to return to his master, it is OK to let him off for a run.
  1. Rottweiler – This is the workhorse of the dog world and makes a great guard dog, and while it won’t easily make friends with strangers, a Rottie will shower affection on the family. This breed demands a lot of exercise, and as a word of caution, this dog needs a firm master, so if you are thinking of getting a Rottweiler, do some online research about how to effectively train this dog. If you take a puppy that is only a few months old, you can teach the dog, and they like to work, so can be an asset around the farm.
  1. Border Collie – Bred for working with livestock, this breed is said to be the most intelligent of all dogs. If you are a farmer, then this is the dog for you, and with a very agreeable nature, the Border Collie is never afraid of hard work and is a low maintenance breed. Of course, you will need to train him, and there is a lot of useful information online to help you with that. Pet god insurance will ensure that he always has the best treatment, and with regular visits to the vet, he should remain loyal and healthy for many years.

The outdoor life suits some dog breeds better than others, but the above choices are ideal for a family that lives in a rural environment. If you are interested in knowing more about other dog breeds that are suitable for outdoor then visit animals-photos.net