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Negative Effects Of Improper Waste Management On The Environment


Time and again people seem to find respite in the fact that they are well aware of the negative effects of improper waste management. Great! But do they also practice what they preach?

Despite the best efforts from leading waste management companies like www.skipthetip.com why the overall condition of the environment is still, incessantly deteriorating? Have you stopped to ask this question to yourself or to the ones around you?

Several methods have time and again been adopted but we still find ourselves in the middle of all this filth. More research is necessary for this sector to curb all the negative effects once and for all. If that is not done then the future doesn’t seem all that promising for all of us.

Now, it is time we take a closer look into how improper waste management leads to environmental deterioration in the following sections.

Improper waste management is the sole reason for soil and water contamination

Have you heard about the term leachate? Well, it is the dark, smelly, gooey liquid-like substance that keeps on oozing from skip bins if it has not been cleared for quite some time. This is a common scene in landfills all over the globe. This leachate often gets absorbed by the soil and can find its way to underground freshwater reserves. The chemical composition of both the soil as well as the water reserves is thereby, negatively affected by the leachate. This adversely affects plant life, animal as well as human life.

Chemical changes in the soil render the same infertile since necessary nutrients and microbial life is completely wiped out. Soil is essential for the sustenance of life since, without plants, there will be no food left for animals and humans.

Have you noticed the abrupt changes in weather patterns!?

In recent years, the weather has been increasingly unpredictable all over the globe. The results are scary, to say the least! They are in the form of droughts leading to wildfires, incessant rain causing floods, tornadoes and thunderstorms causing damage worth billions of dollars not to mention the loss of flora, fauna and human life. So, what is causing all of these? The answer is simple – an imbalance in the composition of our atmosphere.

Greenhouse gases are continually being released from landfills where waste materials undergo both aerobic and anaerobic decomposition. These gases trap the incoming heat from the sun thus rising the earth temperature. It causes a chain reaction that is melting the polar ice caps, thus contributing to the rising sea levels and changes in weather patterns.

One may argue how rising sea levels can affect the earth’s weather, well, it can as the ocean currents and weather patterns are directly connected. A sudden dip in ocean water temperature due to the addition of melting ice water breaks the delicate balance of global weather.

No matter how big the universe is, our solar system, for the time being, has only one particular piece of rock that can sustain life in its true form – The Earth. Since it is our home, it is our responsibility to make sure that its natural balance is maintained. Proper waste management steps need to be taken now to keep humanity and all forms of life from total annihilation. The solutions are simple, spread as much awareness as one can, push for major reforms in industrial as well as business practices. On top of that, the common mass needs to change the way they manage their waste.