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A Sneak Peek into Jobs in Pune


Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional looking for jobs in Pune, here is a brief insight into what this city has to offer to job seekers.

The second largest city of Maharashtra, Pune contributes a significant share to India’s economy. This is largely due to the fact that it thrives on many popular educational institutes and businesses. The key sectors of the local economy are education, manufacturing and information technology (IT).
Esteemed educational institutes such as National Defense Academy, Indian Institute of Information Technology and Symbiosis International University, among many others produce highly skilled and talented individuals for jobs in Pune.0020

This is a great choice for those interested in academic careers. From schools to colleges, universities and many other educational institutes, Pune is a huge supplier of jobs for the education and research sectors.

The city has one of the largest IT sectors in India, which is a major attractive force in inviting job seekers from other parts of the country as well. This makes it a popular choice for a plethora of IT-related jobs in Pune such as in PHP, SQL, .NET, Java, HTML and similar other areas.

Another popular segment for jobs in Pune is startups. Some of the e-commerce and food business startups from Pune have risen to nationwide popularity. This offers a growing opportunity for young, passionate individuals starting with their careers.

The presence of business process outsourcing companies is another option for fresh graduates as well as experienced professionals.

Possessing one of the largest hubs of automotive companies, Pune is an alluring destination for those looking to work in the automotive manufacturing sector. Pune also has the largest diesel engine company in India, further adding to the significance of its automotive sector.

In terms of the sports industry, Pune is home to a number of stadiums and clubs where world championships have been hosted. Those looking to explore jobs in Pune for sports-related options have their doors open too.

The presence of shopping malls is a good prospect for those looking to enter the retail and fashion industry. Real estate has a good standing as well, which ties in closely with the hospitality industry too. Job seekers with a background in these sectors have a lucrative way forward.

Government jobs in Pune also have a good scope owing to the presence of civic administration offices. It also works in tandem with many of the largest telecommunication and network providers of the country. Telecommunication jobs in Pune are popular in this regard.

In media, Pune has a number of local language newspapers as well as national English newspapers running their offices. The All India Radio has been broadcasting in Pune for over half a century, and therefore, giving the city a prized feature for media aspirants.

Being national and international headquarters to businesses across healthcare, electronics, automotive and insurance, among others, this is a multi-industrial pool of opportunities. Start your search for jobs in Pune now.