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Making Artwork with Our Friends

Making Artwork

My friends and I have found a new hobby to do as a group. It never occurred to me that I don’t need to buy hefty canvases to paint on. Those heavy cloth canvasses cost a fortune, and they’re a pain to haul around in my car. I had no idea that a more logical solution to creating beautiful artwork was already around our house. The old canvasses might be pretty, and it is nice to be able to preserve our artwork to look at in the future, but I don’t like to take up all our storage space in the house with our old artwork made on canvases. Those canvases are difficult to store without ruining the painting.

Luckily, my friends and I found a solution to entertain us when we want to express our creativity. It occurred to me one day that we already had the space to make artwork in our homes without having to go out and purchase new canvass. One afternoon, we planned to get everyone together to paint at our home in the evening. My wife and I enjoy having friends over because our creative friends inspire us to be more creative. One of our friends brought their child with them, and that child inspired a new hobby in us adults.

Of course, it sometimes takes a child’s innocence to cause adults to think differently. The child had a box of crayons, and we thought it was alright to leave the little boy alone in the house when we sat out on the porch, drinking and painting on our canvases. When we looked inside to check on the child, we assumed that the boy would have some delightful pictures to show us in his little notebook, but he had decided to draw elsewhere.

The creative young boy took his crayons from their box to draw on our walls, and he even put his coloring skills to use on the windows. It didn’t take long to fix our walls by covering them in a fresh coat of paint, but we weren’t upset at all at the child because he had inspired us to make more beautiful artwork on our windows. You can go online to find something like Removable Clear Vinyl Window Graphics ohio. Our new hobby is to invite friends over our home to create decals that we use to cover our windows. The windows look like they are painted like stained glass.

We’re excited to bring more friends into our hobby circle because we have found some fun creative activities by collaborating with other people. We like to inspire creativity in each other by working around each other to make paintings, decals, and other pieces of artwork. The artwork sometimes goes into someone else’s home when somebody buys a piece from one of us, but that is not the intention behind creating these pieces. We simply enjoy the act of making something with our hands; we love hearing what other people think.