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What Is Boldenone


Health supplements are dominating today’s market in their own ways. Especially the steroid based products which have a direct impact on human growth hormone helps people to achieve their goals but also leaves them with some side effects. In some cases, the side effects may be minor while in many they are major. The impacts are caused in the majority of cases if the user doesn’t follow prescribed dosages, or if they prolong the usage of a particular dose or if they take products that are not intended for human use. Many of these products are banned internationally, but these products are available in black markets and underground lab supplies. Consumption of these products are at user’s risk as they will not be prescribed by a proper physician or no proper dosages will be recommended by the manufacturers.

Usage recommendations and claims

One such drug which falls under this category – banned for human consumption but still used by many is Boldenone. This drug is legally banned and not openly manufactured by claimed manufacturers. These are available in black markets and underground labs. This product has been developed mainly for stable usage and generally used in veterinary care especially horses. But this fact does not stop users like athletes and bodybuilders using this product. There are very high claims that this product has high anabolic and androgenetic effects that are also unstable for human consumption. There are many side effects reported by people who take this product, one common complaint being boldenone does cause hari loss.

Side effects due to regular usage

No blog or review has claimed that this product has shown a dramatic change in humans. This is drug initially developed for horses and later developed by underground labs for human usage. All anabolic steroids have their own way to cause a repair to the cardiovascular system in many ways. In addition to normal effects caused by these steroids, it is also reported that the development of these products in the non-sterile environment causes more complications further. Most of the side effects caused by this product are classified as estrogenic. Such side effects can cause a gain in body fat, water retention, gynecomastia, mood swings etc. Also since there are no dosage and proper prescription available most of these effects happen due to overdose and wrong usage in very healthy person. In many cases, cerebral infarction and sudden cardiac arrests have also happened due to prolonged usage of these steroids. But in this case, the damage is not only pertained to wrong usage and prolonged usage. It is said a person who even takes a controlled dosage of these pills are subjected to heavy side effects as this are not tested or accredited products and have potential to cause instability in human hormone levels upon consumption.

Is this actually beneficial?

Minor side effects of this product will be increase in blood pressure levels, increase in mood swings and water retention. It is also claimed that Boldenone does cause hair loss.After analyzing pros and cons of this particular product it can be concluded that this product poses a serious threat to human life and legally banned across all countries. Hence it is wise to avoid these products and go for safer alternatives suggested by your physician or trainer.