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Is it true that Anavar causes male baldness? Read to know


In the recent times, a lot of people preferred the use of Anavar supplements because the product has very minimal amount of side effects in comparison to other anabolic steroids. If taken in the right dosage cycle, the product provides effective increase in the anabolic character of muscles followed by rapid weight loss in obese people. It is said that if you misuse or abuse the administration of any drug, the extent of harmful side effects caused increases with the ratio. Therefore to extract the maximum percentage of beneficial impacts, it is suggested that you follow the exact guidelines given on the product bottle and monitor your dose strengths under the supervision of a nutritionist.

What about the side effects of Anavar?

After conducting several experimental studies on Anavar it has been observed that on higher strengths of the medication, there was onset of symptoms related to hair fall and baldness. According to survey reports it has been found that mainly male users of Anavar on higher doses of the product.

This side effect is mainly because of the fact that Anavar is slightly androgenic in nature and thus up-regulates testosterone control functions within the body. There are many reputed doctors who prescribe Anavar supplementary products to patients, who are suffering from excessive weight loss due to an injury or illness. Anavar proves effective in such cases because it can easily be metabolised by the patient’s body through the kidney and help in the treatment of related illness.

Anavar falls under the therapeutic class one anabolic substances, which suggest that it is gently anabolic in character with very low androgenic effects. The compound is derived from a strong derivative of testosterone known as dihydrotestosterone or DHT. When DHT is made to undergo “5-alpha reduction”, it means that the compound cannot take part in reactions including enzymes related to the production of testosterone. It is a misconception that Anavar can cause hair loss at any dose strengths in ‘n’ number of cycles in every person. There are people who are already predisposed to the symptoms of male pattern baldness. Such people will obviously experience hair loss signs even in the lower strengths of Anavar.

What are the androgenic impacts of Anavar?

Since the compound is made to undergo a lot of alterations in its molecular structure, Anavar has relatively low androgenic effects as compared to testosterone and Oxandrolone. Since the impact is low therefore, the potential risks of androgen imbalance is also low. This is the reason why Anavar is popularly known as a “girl’s steroid”, since the product has very low risk of causing emergence of male characteristics in female users.

Although it is recommended that you judiciously regulate the dosage cycles of Anavar as you might lose some hair on any kind of misregulation. There has been evidences where Anavar has resulted in the emergence male secondary features in women due to higher doses of the product. Therefore administer cutting cycles of Anavar under expert guidance.