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According to a recent report in the Guardian, the summer has seen something of a mini boom in car sales – with numbers of new cars being purchased continuing their 18-month upward trend. With so many great financing deals available and the economy appearing to have turned a corner, it seems more consumers are feeling confident about making big purchases. Families especially are starting to feel the benefit and if you need to have practicality as well as style at the top of your car-buying check list then take a look at the top new and used estate cars currently on offer.

1. BMW 3 Series Touring
Not perhaps the largest of estates on the list but it still has all the quality and refinement you come to expect from the BMW marque. The boot won’t handle anything too huge but will comfortably fit most family’s requirements for bags, sporting equipment and an occasional trip to the dump. Go for the 320d SE, or if you fancy something that’s a little bit speedier then plump for the fantastically fast but deceptive-looking 335d with 286bhp.

2. Skoda Octavia Estate
Who would have thought it a few years ago? That Skoda would be riding high in so many good-car listings? This estate is great — with boot space that would embarrass the largest of Volvos. And reliability has become their watchword. They are manufactured in the same factory as some of the best cars in the VW Group so long-term durability is no longer an issue. Perhaps not the most fun and certainly not the fastest but they do get the job done.

3. Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate
If it’s boot space you need then the Mercedes outclasses most of its German rivals, offering nearly 2,000 litres in comparison to Audi’s and BMW’s 1,700. Coupled with this it has a brilliant ride quality and maintains the Mercedes reputation for high quality. So don’t be put off by a high mileage on Mercedes Benz used cars but do get a full service history with it. Find a local independent specialist and you should be able to source a decent used Mercedes E-Class in Exeter or across the UK.

4. Volvo V70
Compared to some other estates now available, the Volvo is actually quite small nowadays, but it offers a great feeling of individuality that you won’t find in many of the German rivals. Well built and with great durability, this is a good find on the used market and should cost you substantially less then a German-made car. A used three-year-old 2010 V70 2.0D SE will set you back just under £13,000.

5. Volkswagen Passat Estate
Some feel that the Passat is not the most exciting of cars, but it does offer a winning combination of good prices and great practicality. Pick it up on the used-car market and you should get a hard-wearing, well-engineered car that will serve you well. Previous-generation models are priced particularly well and a diesel version may have a higher mileage but will be competitively priced.