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How to dress for running: Guide to pick best shorts for running


Are you planning to start out on a running regime? A good pair of running shorts is a must to ensure a comfortable and hassle-free run every day. In addition to running, if you plan to adorn your shorts to the gym, some competition, training, or even lunchtime decompression, your shorts must be practical and offer complete comfort. The perfect fit of your shorts would prevent unnecessary bouncing, chafing, and other forms of distractions that would prevent you from enjoying your run or daily activity fully.

If you are in search for a good pair of shorts for the daily running regime, then here are some of the best tips to pick the best one for you:


The style of your shorts could be a determining factor towards the ease of your running exercise. There are usually three main styles of running shorts that you would find in the market: v-notch, compression, and split running shorts. The style of the shorts would determine the leg seam, overall fit and length.

  • V-Notch Shorts: This is a highly trending style of the running shorts. These shorts derive its name due to its v-shaped upside down cutout that is present on the leg seams towards the outer rim starting out at the hem. The specific v cutout of these shorts enables the runners to enjoy a great range of easy movement. Other features of the V-Notch shorts include loose fit, easy adaptation to the body, and higher flexibility.
  • Compression Shorts: These shorts are tight-fitting and snug into your body to give a perfect shape and fit to the body while running. Because of their snug fit, these shorts offer a great deal of warmth and offer immense muscular support. Moreover, the compression shorts are the strongest when it comes to prevention from any kind of chafing. The stretchable feature of these shorts also offers a great range of flexibility to the users while running.
  • Split Shorts: You might get confused between v-notch shorts and split shorts. However, there exists a major point of difference between them. The split shorts feature a flexible and loose fit as well, the proper shape of the shorts towards leg seam is formed due to the front overlapping of the back. Therefore, the leg seam apparently appears to be short like the waistband. These shorts offer a great deal of easy motion to the runners.

Gender-based Shorts

The running shorts of both men and women tend to differ on the basis of the lower biological structure. Therefore, while buying your running shorts, it is indispensable to consider this factor as well.

  • Men’s Shorts: These are usually cut specially to fit the men’s body. The short’s inseam tends to be slightly longer with a built-in lining offering more support to the groin area. This prevents any kind of chafing and discomfort while running.
  • Women’s Shorts: The specific cut of the shorts meant for women is designed to fit the waist, hip area, and the thighs more prominently to achieve the best and highly comfortable fit while running. There should be less room for the groin area as the shorts come with smaller inseams for women.
  • Unisex Shorts: By combining the cut design of both men and women running shorts, the unisex shorts can be crafted. These shorts lack any specific men or women support features.

If you are planning to buy a good pair of shorts for your running routine, then consider taking help from this shorts-buying guide. You can shop online from several sites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Bewakoof.