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Portable Showers and Toilets and Their Uses


Portable facilities are made up of a portable stall that can be installed for usage practically anywhere to offer shower facilities, commonly in places where bathrooms are not usually accessible. A portable shower itself can come in building site cabins or during home renovations, and it can be a portable trailer unit with bathroom facilities used at big occasions.

In some cases, there are people who are sick, unable to move, who can’t make use of a regular shower due to limited mobility. They are usually too sick to travel from the bedroom to the bathroom, and this is where portable facilities come into great use as they do also on building sites, where special toilet and shower blocks are brought in for workers on many projects.

Out in the Wild

Campers out in the wild, can set up portable showers, and bathe to their heart’s delight. And a portable shower stall next to a swimming pool at home will provide pool users with an easy way to wash down before and after going into the pool, as nobody wishes to introduce any contaminants or leave the pool covered in chlorine.

  • People such as firemen and rescue workers out in the field, or fighting a forest fire may also benefit from using of portable showers and toilets that help them to go to the toilet and clean up after a day of hard work if not returning home.
  • The stalls and toilets are extremely useful for anyone undergoing work on their home or who are at long multiday festival events.
  • If on the lookout for portable shower or portable toilet hire in Yorkshire, make sure that you use a reliable and trustworthy service.

Other Uses

Portable shower stalls designed for home medical use usually have wall sides from the floor up to around halfway. They have curtains hanging off a support frame to give the patient privacy if a stall has only half-walls. The seat is usually a part of the stall, and the floor has a drainage pipe to make sure that shower water flows to a sink or drain elsewhere. The water is supplied from firm hoses fixed to taps in the nearest bathroom, kitchen or utility room, and some stalls even have their own water heater!

Camping Luxury!

When it comes to portable camping showers, they are normally soft-sided and a folded down tent like system with opaque walls. The water supply isn’t usually as sophisticated tech as a medical portable shower type, and will simply fall down for use from a bag hanging above users, but it will still suffice and let campers get themselves clean with privacy. Campers after hot showers must heat up the water with a solar shower bag, or with the use of a portable water heater.

Who doesn’t like a nice shower after a long day? And the simplicity of having one practically anywhere is becoming the norm! Check out the best in portable toilets and showers online at a place near you.