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Explore Kampung Arab in Indonesia

Pura Ulun Danu

Indonesia has various tribes and ethnics that live together by side without raise an issue of difference. There are many ethnics that live in Indonesia and one of them is Arabic ethnics so that you can explore Kampung Arab in many places in Indonesia. If you want to try different experience in vacation, you can try to explore Arabian ethnics in Kampung Arab in Indonesia. Well, you can find Kampung Arab from west to east of Indonesia. The ethnic from Middle East is very identic with Islamic nuance. It is not surprising if Kampung Arab in Indonesia always busy in Ramadhan where they have routine activity every year to welcome the holy IdulFitri. In the moment of Ramadhan you can enjoy special nuance that you can find only a year. Well, you can also find many kinds of food or snack that are identic for Moslem in Ramdhan. So, if you want to get different experience for vacation that is interesting, you can visit Kampung Arab in Indonesia.

There are many Kampung Arab that you can find in Indonesia from the west to the east. Exploring Kampung Arab Indonesia can be a great way to spend your holiday and feel the strong nuance of Islamic life. So, where you can find Kampung Arab in Indonesia? Here areKampung Arab in Indonesia that can be visited and explored.

  1. Explore Kampung Arab Surabaya

Kampung Arab in Surabaya is located in Sunan Ampel tourism that visited by Moslem for pilgrimage. In this location, you will also find many Arabic ethnic. It is also suitable for culinary because you will find many Arabic foods such as NasiKebuli and snaks.

  1. Kampung Arab Pekalongan

In Pekalongan, Centra Java you can also find Kampung Arab that will give you Islamin nuance for holiday. You can find Kampung Arab in Klego, Sugihwaras and also Poncol. When Ramadhan, there will be event that will be interesting to explore and you can also join for the event and feel the real nuance of Arabic.

  1. Kampung Arab Palembang

In Palembang, you can find Kampung al-Munawar with friendly people that will welcome you. If you visit Kampung al-Munawar, make sure that you wear proper and polite clothes to respect them. You can find several Arabic building that will be great for photo spot.

  1. Kampung Arab Malang

If you want to try Arabic culinary in Malang, then you can visit Embong Arab in Malang and try special food from Arab in RM Kairo. You can also find souvenir in Embong Arab and give it to your family.

  1. Kampung Arab Denpasar

If Denpasar is known with Buddhist or Hindu ethnic, then here you can also find Arabic ethnic. The location is in Sulawesi street and you can enjoy shopping any merchandise h here when visiting Bali.

Those are Kampung Arab that can be found in Indonesia and if you are interested to enjoy strong nuance of Islamic then you can explore Kampung Arab Indonesia. Try and enjoy it.