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What To Do If You Get Arrested Abroad


We can all agree that this is far worst scenario that could happen while on holiday or vacation. Imagine, going out with your loved one, and you have to be in wrong place at wrong time, and you will end up in jail.

This is especially important if you are going to another country with different laws and culture. Even if you are a most law-abiding citizen, you can drink too much, do something, which is not appealing to law, and you can end in jail.

It doesn’t matter if you are arrested for murder or felony, because it is stressful to end up in jail in the country that you have no idea about. For example, most people end up in Dubai with the thought that they can do everything as in hometown.

However, did you know that public displays of affections are illegal in Dubai? A few years ago, we had a problem of British citizens that were unmarried and end up in jail because they kissed on a public beach. On the other hand, if you badmouth the king in Thailand, you can also end up in a cell.

We decided to present you tips on what to do in case you end up in jail abroad:

  1. Always Ask For Your Rights

To reduce the hassle, you should think ahead. Okay, you want to spend a vacation in some country, it is essential to check their laws and what you can and cannot do. That way, you will understand your rights and will be able to do something about it.

It is essential to ask the arresting officer for your rights in the language you both understand. You should have in mind that rights vary from country to country, and by knowing rights you will be able to plan the best course of action. You should also ask them what caused them to arrest you in the first place.

  1. Don’t Talk Too Much

If you’ve asked officers about your deeds and they still haven’t given you a slight idea, you should wait for it.

If you cannot imagine the crime you’ve committed, don’t try to talk yourself out of an arrest. It is essential to keep quiet because everything you say will incriminate you further.

You should wait for the right moment to talk, and always do it with an attorney by your side that can protect your rights during the interrogation.

  1. Inform Your Embassy ASAP

In most cases, the embassy will have the power to intervene and to help you get out, especially if your felony is just a misunderstanding.

The best way to understand your rights and to use legal procedures is to get the information from people that work in your embassy. At the same time, they will help you in finding English-speaking lawyers that could help you deal with the problem. This website https://manarax.com/ provides you with complete information about hiring a professional lawyer for legal issues. Do not forget to check that out!

  1. Talk To Your Lawyer

The same thing goes for every country all across the globe; you will need an attorney to be by your side and to help you throughout the process. By talking with a lawyer, you will be able to fully understand the problem you entered in and the legal ramifications of your arrest.

We recommend you to avoid speaking with the police until you get the lawyer. At the same time, you should have in mind that lawyer should give you appropriate information that could help you get out in a timely manner based on the felony you committed.

  1. Don’t Sign Anything

This is the rule not just abroad but in the home, but the difference is that in the home you will be able to read what you’re signing. When you are arrested abroad, the problems are different and in corrupt police practices, police can give you a document to sign even though you don’t understand what.

By doing that, you could sign a confession of your deeds, and you will end up in jail much longer. Therefore, the main rule is to avoid sign anything until you get the attorney and translator next to you.

You should also avoid talking and sharing valuable information with other inmates because that way someone else can use sensitive information about you to gain reduction of their sentence.

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