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Easy Ways to Protect Your Car Batteries From Being Dead in Winters


Only few things can be more annoying than going into your car on a chilly morning and when trying to start it failing to overhear the ignition sound. This could happen due to various reasons but the main reason behind your car not starting in winters might be a dead battery. Cold weather can cause great troubles for a car’s battery as in the cold temperatures the chemical reactions inside the batteries tend to slow down.

Although the Best car batteries are designed to function in adverse conditions, but the cold weather has the property to worsen the high-quality batteries as well. This is why it’s important to protect the battery from being damaged in the cold and harsh weather. There are many ways to do it and most ways include taking precautionary measures before the arrival of the lower temperatures.

Here are a few tips that can help you avoid a dead car battery in harsh cold climate conditions:

Age of the battery

It’s important to check the age of the battery to get an idea of how susceptible the car’s battery is to cold temperatures. If your battery is old enough then you might consider changing it as there are high chances of it getting damaged in the cold weather. Generally batteries are made to last for three to five years if taken care of, but if you haven’t taken care of your batteries properly there are chances that they won’t last long in the cold.

This is why you need to check for the age and the condition of the battery and change it before the arrival of winters to avoid problems. You must also make sure to buy the best battery for the car. getting the wrong battery could also cause problems.

No corrosion

Corrosion is generally caused by faulty connections that allow the battery acid to escape out and corrode the surrounding areas. It can prevent a car from starting as it might cause the connections to get loose. Winter makes the corrosion more dangerous as the cables tend to get more disconnected during the cold weather. To avoid this make sure your car battery is free from all corrosions.

Use a battery blanket

As the name suggests, a battery blanket is something that could be used to cover around the battery and place it inside the battery cover. The battery blankets generally have a cord that could be plugged in a power socket. Plugging in the cord will generate heat in the blanket which would ensure that the battery fluid doesn’t freeze in cold weather.

Disconnect the battery when not in use

If you’re not planning to use your car for some days in the winter season then it would be wise to disconnect the battery. This would ensure that the battery doesn’t lose charge due to the electronic accessories that tend to drain charge from the battery. You can also take the battery out and keep it somewhere warm to ensure it stays protected.