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Avoid certain things when pregnant


Life completely changes when you realise that you have another life growing up inside you. The moment you get this feeling, you become extremely happy and at the same time a lot of things crowd your mind. You feel a bit tensed on how to lead your life properly from that day onwards and what are the responsibilities that will come across to you now.

There are lot of parenting websites these days and as Internet has become accessible; one can easily consult those websites to know all the nitty-gritty of being a good parent. But being a good parent starts from the very first day when you get the news of your pregnancy. It is completely your duty to keep your baby healthy inside you so that when the child comes out, it is a happy one.

To keep your child healthy inside, the would-be mom has to be healthy from both outside and inside. There will be a lot of advices once you get pregnant, but you should strictly follow on what your doctor and dietician recommend you when it comes to daily food habits and exercises. You have to remain safe and sound for the nine months tenure so that the baby inside you growing does not face much difficulty. There are many things that one should do while they are pregnant and at the same time there are many things that one should strictly avoid.

Be careful when you are having a child inside

There are certain things which you really need to avoid when you are pregnant. If you are not sure about them, then there are best parenting websites which can help you.

Here are a few pointers that you can follow.

  • You should definitely avoid stress once you get the good news. No matter what you have to relax and take deep breath whenever you feel a little bit of tension rising inside you. Stress can cause a lot of negative impacts in a pregnant body like back pain, insomnia, constipation which can lead to the birth of a weak baby or a one having much lower body weight than usual.
  • No matter how addicted you are, you have to stop smoking these nine months. This is very much harmful for your baby. Any kind of tobacco intake can be negative from them. Not only that, one has to avoid passive smoking as well because; the smoke intake is also not good for them. If you smoke, then your baby gets less oxygen and it grows very slowly and alsodoes not gain much weight.
  • Do not take any medicine without the doctor’s permission or consent. If you are facing any physical problem like headache, fever, back pain or any other thing then call your doctor first and ask for their opinion. Take the medicines which they prescribe.
  • It is a good idea to avoid caffeine during this tenure. In fact, sodas are also not good for health. The caffeine can stimulate the heart and brain and can lead to sleepless nights which again in turn can increase fatigue in a pregnant body.

Try to remain as stress-free as possible. Take at least eight hours of sleep. The parenting advicewebsites will also recommend you maximum rest, but do not sit for the entire day. Do a little bit of light work to stay flexible.