Home Technology Will the hardware/software get affected by unlocking the galaxy s5

Will the hardware/software get affected by unlocking the galaxy s5

Will the hardware software get affected by unlocking the galaxy s5

It is a very common situation that you have purchased a new phone and after using it for 3 to 4 days, you forgot the screen lock password and now you are unable to unlock your phone. Or, it may happen that your child was playing with your phone and accidentally has changed the pattern and forgot about it. Various other circumstances may happen where you are unable to unlock your phone, but do not worry about that!

If you are using a Samsung Galaxy S5 phone then the steps for unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S5 phone are stated below. You can opt for any of the three methods described below which will not take much time and will definitely not interfere with the hardware or software of your phone.

  1. The first step of unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S5 is unlocking with an application. There are various online applications which are specifically designed to unlock your phone. If you wish to unlock your phone by any of this application then first download and install it on your computer. As soon as you open the application, click on ‘Unlock’ option from the available tools. Connect your phone and then click on ‘Start’. Before clicking on the start button, make sure your phone is operating on the Download mode.

You can activate the download mode by first switching off the phone and then press the lower volume key, the home button and the power button at a time. After that press the Volume up key to enter the download mode. As you do so, your S5 gets into a download mode and starts to auto download the recovery package. Give some time for the recovery process and as it ends, the phone will automatically restart without any of the lock screens.

  1. If your Samsung Galaxy S5 is locked to a particular network, then follow this step when you want to switch over to another network carrier. For doing that, plug out the previous SIM card and insert a foreign SIM card of another network and restart your phone. As the phone starts to boost, type *#197328640# and then the phone will go into service mode. As the service mode opens, click on ‘UTMS’ then ‘Debug Screen’ followed by ‘Phone Control’ then ‘Network Lock’ and ‘Options’. As Option opens, select Perso SHA256OFF. When you do that, a network lock message will appear on the main menu where you have to select ‘NW Lock NV Data INITIALLIZ’ to unlock your phone.
  2. The third process is a bit time consuming and it will depend upon your network carrier. You can contact your network carrier to unlock your phone but prior to that, you need to follow certain procedures. Firstly, you need to sign off a finished contract with them to opt for unlocking. Secondly, you need to provide your carrier with your phone number, IMEI 15 digits code, your account password and name. Your network carrier will levy a charge for the service but will get your phone unlocked!

Follow any one of these steps to unlock your phone and enjoy using it once again.