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Why EHIC Card Is So Important For The Vacationers?


The European Health Insurance Card is a legal document that offers holidaymakers medical care in any of the members of European Economic Association and Switzerland. This is a free card provided by the hometown of the individual to receive free-of-cost or reduced costs of healthcare services in any of the member nation. This primary objective of this scheme is to save vacationers from hassles of flying back to your home when you or anyone in your family fell ill. Besides emergency care, the European insurance card covers for chronic health problems-kidney dialysis to name one.

A Few Things  Keep In Mind-

  • The EHIC is not an alternative to the travel insurance since it does not cover for the private medical care. In addition to that, the European health card doesn’t cover extra expenses like the return flight costs or insurance for lost/stolen valuables. With, this card, you will get best medical care at government health care centres.
  • The EHIC card doesn’t cover your medical care if you are travelling to the EEA or Switzerland country. Only, if you are on a vacation or a business trip, then you will receive medical care there.
  • The EHIC card doesn’t guarantee total free of the cost medical care, it varies from country to another. Either, you can obtain all the information online or on the spot.

If you are someone, who have frequent visits to another country, then it is much better to apply for the S1 form, rather than the European insurance card.

How To Apply For The EHIC Card

The entire process to apply for the EHIC Card, all you need to do is to go online and land on the official website of the local EHIC. There, you need to fill out the EHIC form. The information needed is not so big; just your personal and contact information. If you face any of difficulty in filling the online form, you need to talk to a third-party agent. He or she will provide you all the information you require to successfully fill the EHIC card form. In several countries, to apply for the EHIC card, you got to have the state-owned medical insurance program, otherwise, it would be rejected. Ideally, it is best to have the document of verification with a photo id proof, because the card of European insurance doesn’t contain the photo of the individual. This verification piece should be other than your passport.

When submitting online form for this card, it is an absolute given thoroughly the information you are providing. Your mistake may prove to be hassle-full for you. Another thing to note in here is that when contracting third-party EHIC card filler, he or she should be a reliable guy in the market.

At the end of it all, from the above, you probably come to know about the EHIC card is all, why it worth your precious time. In addition to that, the process of submitting the online form of EHIC card is quite simplified.