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What you need to know about the features of Spotify before you download it


If you haven’t tried to download Spotify you should, not because all your friends and even the girl that you are tripping with have one but because you will surely love it. It’s a music app like no other that is packed with features that you will surely love.

It’s not just the most popular one out there but it’s the best. With an app packed with features will all the music that you can get from your favorite singer, rapper, and bands you will realize that this app is all you need to get you going during the day and the days that you just want to have a good music.

Packed with features: Spotify is packed with features, an app that never gets boring because of new updates and new music being available from various artists. Some even say this is the iTunes killer if you don’t believe what people say try it out and go premium to know and experience first-hand why people loved this app so much that they ditched their old music apps and never looked back ever again.

Cheap premium: One of the strengths of this app is its cheap premium account. You get to access thousands of songs from various artists, have great radio and playlist that you can choose and even create your own for your music collections. So much offering for a very cheap price, it’s already a steal!

Offline options: Gone are the days of you downloading MP3 files because Spotify has the option to download music thru its platform. All you need is to pay the premium and you will instantaneously have the option to download thousands of music contents at no additional charge! The best part of these downloads is that you can access this music anytime anywhere even if you don’t have any internet connection. Offline options saves you battery because it doesn’t require you to be connected on the internet.

Transferable: That’s right; when you switch devices you can transfer your premium from one device to the other, so you will never lose your subscription. There will always be that times, when a new device will come a long to sweep you off your feet or your device is already too old and it will need to be replaced. The good thing with this feature is that you don’t have to register and avail the same premium that you had with your previous device.

With so many features that you can use at your disposal, its cheap premium rates, download options, and sync features there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get this app as your new and trusted music app. This app will not let you down and since this will run in the background even if you lock your device, this is a good app to use together with your training apps to get you pumping and give you that extra boost in performance. What do you have to lose right? Downloading and getting started in this app begins in the play store.