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What Separates A Quality Hand Dryer From The Rest


Hand dryers are ubiquitous nowadays and you see them everywhere that you go. These devices have numerous advantages over drying your hands with a towel.

 Firstly, it is much quicker to use the hand dryer, which is useful when people are in a rush. Secondly, there is less chance that bacteria can be transmitted from one person to another. This is because hot air dries the hands and kills germs. In contrast, a towel will attract a lot of bacteria, especially if it is being used by dozens of different people in a commercial building.

When you are buying a hand dryer, you need to have a checklist of the different qualities which separate a top-of-the-line hand dryer from the competition.

The Hand Dryer Can Blow Air In Several Different Directions

Lots of people use the hand dryers on a daily basis. People are going to be different heights, so it is important that the air can blow in several different directions. This will ensure that both children and adults can have the full benefit of hot air drying their hands after they have finished going to the toilet.

Lesser quality hand dryers will only be able to blow hot air in one direction, which is not always effective.

The Hand Dryer Can Be Operated Using A Sensor

Traditional hand dryers are operated by pushing a button. Whilst this is convenient, it also increases the risk of bacteria being left on the hand dryer. A more hygienic alternative is a hot air hand dryer that is operated using a sensor.

This means that people will not have to touch the machine when they are using it. The sensor will allow hot air to flow from the machine when hands are placed near to it. When hands are moved away from the sensor.

The Temperature Of The Hand Dryer Can Be Modified

When traditional hand dryers are installed, they often operate at one fixed temperature. However, the technology is changing rapidly. This means that the newest models of hand dryer can be set at different temperatures. This is useful if some people find that the hand dryer is emitting air that is just too hot for them to find comfortable. You will be able to adjust the temperature easily without a single problem.

The Hand Dryer Is Cost-Effective

There are lots of different hand dryers on the market for you to choose from. It is a mistake to think that you need to spend a lot of money in order to buy a top-quality hand dryer. You should always remember that you can buy a hand dryer for an extremely reasonable price.

This is especially useful if you have to buy a lot of hand dryers to put in various bathrooms inside a building.

There are lots of indicators which will show you whether a hand dryer is better than the other ones which are on sale.