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What is a Man Cave


A garden shed is somewhere that is used for a number of purposes depending on size and needs. Usually a shed is used for storing garden tools, lawn mowers, various tools and other items used to look after lawns and gardens. The purpose of such a garden shed is to store these items within easy reach and out of the destructive power of the weather. Rain and sun will over time damage garden tools by making them brittle and causing them to rust. So, in order for a garden shed to do its jobs, it must remain organized.

Garden sheds are usually located at the back of the home and in the yard. Items not stored in a garage or in the home are usually conveniently placed in the garden shed. Most garden sheds can be locked with either a key and lock set up, similar to the one at your home, or a padlock, to prevent any unwanted theft and to prevent small children from access to harmful items.

Accumulation of items

Garden sheds can often accumulate items that have remained unused for long periods of time. If these items just haven’t been used for a year or longer, the chances are good that they won’t be used again. Consider donating these items to charity or dispose of them. They take up way too much precious space in the shed that can be used otherwise. Check out log cabins for a range of great top quality designs in sheds, summer houses, gazebos and more.

Try to store small gardening supplies, such as hand tools on shelves if you have them in the shed. If the garden shed doesn’t have shelves, you can easily purchase some or even build them yourself. When such items are placed on shelves, they won’t get lost or damaged by any larger items.

Hooks and containers

Fix hooks to the sides of the shed to hang items such as rakes and shovels. If not, they often tend to fall over onto one another and get caught up. Hanging these items on hooks makes it easy to be grabbed and used when needed. Try attaching the hooks in an area that is close to the door for easy reach.

Items that will be damaged by humidity should be kept in plastic containers in the shed. These would include grass seed, fertiliser, plant and vegetable seeds and soil. Put such items on a shelf.

Use of the floor

Lawn mowers can be easily left on the floor of the shed. Make sure there is space for easy removal. Items that will be used the most often, should be placed in the front of the garden shed and naturally store rarely used items in the back corners of the garden shed. Every so often, if your shed is beginning to look messy, give it some time to get it re-organised. Many people make organising their shed a part of their spring cleaning routine.

May your shed serve you and your home just as you wish it to.