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Things You Should Need To Know When Join SSSTS Training


SSSTS training is regarded as the highest grade of knowledge and experience in the construction industry related to the safety of the construction site management and there are other aspects as well. This is a part of the construction skills which is known as CITB. Safety measures and supervision is not only a necessary thing in the construction industry but it is mandatory not only for the safety of the workers but also for the properties being constructed. There are several measures which cumulatively form this training and thus this is regarded as a complete session for learning safety supervision at a construction site.

The safety and health of the workers at a construction site is the responsibility of the company. Thus the plant or ground supervisors are required to understand the need and the process of maintaining that safe and good health of the workers at any cost. SSSTS training is a two-day session which helps the supervisors to learn about the different aspects and techniques of managing the safety of the construction site and the workers. There are various information and data which the supervisors have to collect on a day to day basis and then compliance with this information is necessary. Their supervisors also need to know the information for properly taking care of the workers and it is mandatory for the construction companies to comply with the set standards of qualification of the supervisors on site.

The course of two days helps the supervisors understand the legal responsibilities as well which they need to comply with at the site and in the activities going on there. Besides the legal compliance, the welfare of the workers are also considered to be a major aspect of this course and also the supervisors need to be aware of the environmental issues so that no harm is created to the environment and regarding environmental issues, they need to be aware of the legalities as well. In general, there are obviously the health and safety measures which the supervisors learn during these two days. For enrolling for this course, you either need to be already in the profession or you have already granted the job offer and your joining is due in some time.

The course mainly comprises of –

  • Learning about the role of the supervisor in detail.
  • Laws and regulation related to the health and safety of the workers. Laws which are enforced and which needed to be complied with.
  • The measures which you need to adopt for the safe working environment.
  • Assessment of risk in any work and thus preparation of such methods which will help in keeping the safety of the workers intact.
  • The prevention principles and how to enforce them.
  • Management of the health and safety of the workers.
  • Measurement of the performance of the workers at the site.
  • Measures were taken to control and prevent fire at the site.
  • Knowledge about hazardous elements.
  • Height management.
  • Measures related to the occupational health.

Therefore, SSSTS training takes care of different aspects of supervision for safety and health of the workers at the site which definitely helps the supervisors to do their duty properly.