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Samsung Galaxy S9 will launch with brightest camera


Galaxy S8 is the latest smartphone from Samsung launched with IMX260 Sony camera sensor, and the output results are outstanding, it also suggests where Samsung is taking the camera in a smartphone. There are equal hints for the success of next giant Samsung Galaxy S9 release date.

But per my personal view, IMX260 did not succeed in Galaxy S8, and it is not so important, as major innovations were explained during the presentation of Galaxy S8. So, companies have increased, while also increased the pixel size to 1.4 microns, which makes it possible to obtain more information on the matrix aperture ratio of f / 1.7 (previous year f / 1.9) lens. In Britecell pixel size – one micron, and soon it turns out that this technology is not used in the IMX260, judging by the information that we had before. But all is not so simple; let’s try to understand this and limit our expectations for the Samsung Galaxy S9.

To begin with, the S8 – the first device on the market, which has a focus on the entire area of ​​the matrix that is one hundred percent of the pixels that involved in the phase detection autofocus. But perhaps the most important – is the increased clarity and brightness of the image (although I must confess, I do not know much better, the current flagship shoot very well). Here increased shooting opportunities in the evening and in the dark. There are new scenes and subjects, the camera settings. The Samsung have improved the camera, although it seems that this is not possible. Additionally, Galaxy S9 to get the same thing.

Every year I say that the Samsung flagship shoot better and better, they are very high quality. And I’m tired of constantly answering the question in social networks that this picture is taken. The S8 / S8 EDGE camera is even better, making these devices unquestionable leaders, however the question is for the Samsung Galaxy S9. Now it extends the time when you are guaranteed to get a quality picture, it is not only the day, but dusk, evening. In short, the camera is, as before, one of the strengths of these devices.

Samsung will definitely keep up its good in the Galaxy S9, and it will also carry something from S8, but what it would be, will remain a question for now. S8 can be the best phone of 2017 but Galaxy S9 would perform the rule 2018.