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Quartz Make Your Kitchen Worktop Better And More Functional


If you are designing a kitchen in a new house or planning to renovate the kitchen of your current dwelling place, chances are high that you are still confused about the material that you want for the worktops. This is one of the most difficult decisions that we have to make. Given the large variety of materials that can be used to make worktops in the kitchen, it is very hard for us to choose the best material.

Materials such as granite, glass, hardwood, stainless steel and quartz are among the most widely used materials for constructing kitchen worktops. However, since the last few years, there has been a preference for quartz worktops Brentwood. Let us look at the various reasons why quartz is slowly taking over as the preferred material for kitchen worktops.

Tremendous stain resistance

When you think about a typical kitchen, you imagine gravy, soup, curries and hot liquids. If these liquids and semi-liquids fall on the worktop, which they normally do, the worktop tends to get stained. Quartz is absolutely non-porous. This means that regardless of what spills or drops on it, the stain will not be permanent. All you have to do is to wipe the surface with a wet towel and the stain is gone. This highly desirable feature of quartz is making it very popular for making worktops.

High resistance to scratches

With all the chopping and cutting going on in a kitchen, it is important that the worktop surface is not prone to scratches. This is where quartz fits the bill perfectly. It is so hard and sturdy that its surface cannot be scratched. This property increases its durability and decreases its cost of maintenance. In addition, this ensures that the look of the worktop remains the same, even after years of usage.

Variety of colours

Gone are the days when there were a handful of colour and textures available for making kitchen worktops. Most customers today have a clear colour scheme and design of their kitchen in mind. Suppliers of quartz worktops Brentwood offer a wide range of colours, patterns and finish of quartz. Therefore, these worktops can be made to match the desired colour scheme or pattern of your kitchen. Using these worktops, therefore, ensures that your kitchen gets the exact look as you imagined.

Hygienic surface

Another desirable property of a kitchen worktop is that it should not allow growth of microorganisms. Generally, porous surfaces absorb water that leads to the formation of mould, slime and bacterial colonies. Quartz, being completely non-porous, doesn’t let water seep into it. Therefore, it is highly resistant to the growth of mould and bacteria, making it a material of choice for kitchen worktops.

The kitchen area is the most used part of a household. Therefore, it is vital that the material of worktops used in the kitchen is durable and easy to maintain without pinching the pocket. The above-mentioned features are the reasons why quartz worktops Brentwood are getting increasingly popular. In the long run, these worktops are the best value for money.