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Not All Ice Is Created Equal


When you are choosing an ice maker, you will find that different machines produce different types of ice. Whilst some ice is softer, other ice is cubed or larger in size. Therefore, you need to determine which type of ice is the best to use for your foodservice business or restaurant.

Modular Ice Machines

You also need to consider the designs of the ice machines themselves. Ice makers are featured in modular models, as under-counter machines, or dispense ice from a countertop setting. A modular ice machine is designed to sit on top of the dispenser or bin. It may also be placed on top of a soda dispenser. This type of machine features an output of 114 kilograms to 454 kilograms per day.

Under-counter Models

If you are an owner of a small pub or café, you might consider an under-counter ice maker in Perth. This machine, which is self-contained, is a combo machine as well as a storage bin. It can fit under most counters that are about 1 metre high. The ice output for this machine is generally about 159 kilograms. However, you can find machines with a higher output as well.

Countertop Ice Machines

Countertop ice machines are compact ice makers, frequently used in healthcare facilities. These machines often dispense water as well. The bin may be smaller. However, the ice maker can dispense as much as 181 kilograms of ice per day. Normally, the countertop ice makers provide nugget ice, which is a softer and simpler-to-chew type of ice.

Again, when choosing an ice machine, you will need to consider the type of ice it produces. Ice machines manufacture cube ice, nugget ice, and flake ice. Cubed ice is featured in full, half, or regular cubes. Since cubed ice melts slower, the consumption of ice is reduced compared to other ice types.

Nugget Ice

Nugget ice, which is also called chewblet ice, is also a slow-melting ice. However, unlike cube ice, it is easier to chew as the name suggests. A nugget ice machine is often used as a source for making blended drinks or smoothies.

Flake Ice

The third type of ice is flake ice. Flake ice is often used as a backdrop for displaying meat or seafood. It is also included in salad bars. As the name suggests, flake ice is a softer and easier-to-chew type of ice.

One Additional Footnote

Once you have made a decision for an ice machine, you need to choose the type of compressor. Compressors come in three designs: water-cooled, air-cooled, or designed as a remote compressor. If you are interested in saving money, an air-cooled model is more cost-effective. The air-cooled ice maker is an ideal choice for the majority of food service companies.