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New born babies in relation to knee caps


Well on your way to become mother for the first time? Then it is a time of your life and an experience in itself. It is common that one does confused about the health and physical structure of a baby with a human being as they are different when you compare it with a human being. Do baby have knee caps is the question which is on the minds of most first time mothers. It has to be one of the frequented questions for sure. Let us get to some of the basic facts about knee caps and whether it needs to be there for a new born baby or not. The following information would be of a lot of help

  • In case of adults the knee cap happens to be a patella that is formed at the intersection of the femur. The structure of the bone does help the femur to function in a proper manner and it is responsible for the proper function of the muscles of the knees. Does baby have knee caps and if the answer is no in a lot of ways it would mean that there is no born in their body
  • In case of a new born the bone structure is in the form of a cartilage that does exist in a premature stage in our body. All the bones in the body are in cartilage form. When it does turn into bones the process is named as ossification. It is a slow process and it does take close to 3 years for a baby to develop its knee cap. If it is going to take a lot of time there is no need to press the panic button. It is a normal process which is just a bit time consuming
  • Make it a point that the baby does get a lot of physical exercise. The reason for it is that the baby is going to develop fat in the young ages and therefore unwanted problems may arise during the process of ossification
  • The patella makes a transformation into bones once the baby grows. Till this point of time the cartilage does go through the process of ossification and for this main reason the process of physical exercise is a lot important as well.
  • For many among us the knee cap is present in a child right at the time of birth. This is a mere myth as a knee cap is formed once a baby grows up. Do make it a point that the knee cap of a baby is taken care when the baby is developing. The knee cap is also going through the process of ossification.
  • After the heart, the knee happens to be one of the most important organs in the human body. It has to be stated that all the balance in the lower part of the body is being maintained by the knees. Therefore it is important to take proper care of the patella when the baby is born.