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Mayor of Spring Valley Disbarred After Decades as Lawyer


Alan Michael Simon was disbarred after serving as an attorney for over fifty years. A decision was released on Wednesday by the New York State Supreme Court Appellate Division that disbarred him. This occurred as a result of his actions that stripped him of his position as a judge. He was originally admitted as a lawyer in 1968.

Simon garnered publicity for his ranting and threatening behavior during his time as a judge. Alan Michael Simon currently serves as mayor of Spring Valley. His disbarment has yet to affect his position as mayor. He has not made himself available to return a comment on the decision.

Alan Simon worked as a Spring Valley Judge for thirteen years. He also held a judge position at the Ramapo Justice Court for the past eight. Three years ago, Simon was called on to act as the acting Hillburn Village Justice.

Spring Valley’s government has made news for its ineptitude during the past ten years. The New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct provided findings that factored into the disbarment decision which detailed the professional misconduct that occurred during his time as a judge. The State Court of Appeals also agreed with the Commission’s recommendation on his removal. Simon was also removed from his position at Ramapo Justice Court. This occurred in 2016. Last year there was another case of disbarment of a New York attorney accused of ethical violations.

The Courts and Commission decided that Alan’s actions were intentional and calculated. These actions were not a result of oversight, and they felt that he would continue acting inappropriately should he return to his work as a judge.

They found enough evidence to show that Simon bullied and harassed his staff as well as other municipal officials he dealt with. The Courts also found that he delivered false testimony during the hearing.

The Commission also found that Simon used his political and legal influence to engage in the political election process of individuals outside of his office. The New York Court of Appeals agreed with his removal.

New York’s highest court discovered that Simon used legal sanctions to intimidate other organizations and individuals. He often did this in response to a perceived insult. Alan Simon agreed that his behavior was inappropriate, but felt his removal was too severe of a punishment.

Joseph Maria and Lawrence Mandelker have served as his lawyers throughout the proceeding. Both have claimed that should Simon return to his position on the bench, he would act professionally in accordance with the state’s ethical guidelines. Simon promised to reign in his abrasive behavior.

Joseph and Lawrence argued that Simon’s actions had pure intentions. They were an attempt at improving the court and the performance of his staff, not to use his position for personal gain.

They cited the corrupt legacy left by Spring Valley’s prior mayor, Noramie Jasmin. Maria and Mandelker suggested that his actions were done in to improve the court’s conditions after Jasmin’s time as mayor. Noramie Jasmin later was convicted of federal charges and went to prison.

Simon won the September Democratic Party primary in 2017 and then went on to win the election as Spring Valley mayor.