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Is it safe for a pregnant woman to donate blood?


The moment you become pregnant a lot of transfusions takes place in your body and mind. In fact you need to be aware on how to take care of yourself along with a baby inside you. Most of us like to donate blood and there is no better happiness in this world than to save the life of your peers. Now blood donation pregnancy states that you take a break from donating blood. The baby being born and you recover in terms of health then you can donate blood all over again.

What are the reasons that prevent you from donating blood when you become pregnant?

Till date no specific reason exists on why a woman cannot go on to donate blood. But can a pregnant woman donate plasma it is suggested that you forbid from it. As compared to the normal course of life human body produces 50 % more blood when you are pregnant. Still you are not allowed to donate blood so as to accommodate needs of a developing baby. If you plan to donate blood at this juncture you are putting your life along with the baby’s life at risk. Coupled with the chances that there is a high risk of anaemia when you are pregnant. This could trigger further problems during course of pregnancy. For this reason pregnant woman are asked not to donate blood.

Taking a step further ahead till you are breastfeeding it is suggested that you stop donating blood. A new mother should wait for 9 months of breastfeeding before they plan to donate blood. But still if you are into breastfeeding, it is suggested that you wait till it is over. Still if you donate blood you end up losing possible nutrients.

In case if you happen to be a regular donor, you might have donated blood and not even aware that you are pregnant. This could happen in the early phase of pregnancy. In case if you are donating blood, conduct basic tests.

Some pregnant women may be asked to donate blood by their health care provider?

One major reason why a doctor may ask you to donate blood during pregnancy is you might require blood transfusion. For a high risk pregnancy this is a common occurrence. For mothers the risk of bleeding is high when they are pregnant. During complication the doctor can receive blood from various sources but if you have stored your own blood then a lot better. The stored blood would be beneficial for your future self.

Donation of blood is a noble thought, but do not commit a mistake of putting your as well as the life of a baby at risk. Do not term pregnancy as a weakness which prevents you from achieving something noble, but safety of the mother along with baby is of paramount importance. Just slow down things and take ample amount of care. This is the time of pampering and craving for all attention that you deserve.