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How to Pick Your First Motorcycle


Do you realize that there are two types of motorcycle riders? The first type is the rider who knows what motorcycle he wants to buy. The second type of motorcycle rider is someone who is indecisive and has no idea what exactly he wants to get. Which type are you? A lot of first-time motorcycle riders will fall under the latter category.

There are some people who purchase motorcycles because they have suddenly realized that they have an infatuation for one motorcycle model. There are some who have always dreamed of owning their own motorcycles. What is the point of learning all of these things? You need to understand that people will always have different reasons why they would like to buy their first motorcycle.

Now that you understand that people have differences, what are you supposed to do next? You need to find the right motorcycle for you. These are some things to remember:

  • Think about how you are going to use the motorcycle. Are you going to use it to go to work every day? It may be a bike that you can take with you whenever you want to take a ride during weekends. Some would choose motorcycles that can be used for competing. Understand your needs first before making a choice.
  • You can also ask some of your friends. Do you have friends who also ride motorcycles? You can ask them if they can provide you with some tips to pick the motorcycle you want. They may provide you with some brand names and models that are considered to be the best. Take note that the list of motorcycles will change from one person to another. You can also do research and create your own list.
  • You should know the different types of motorcycles available. Do you realize that a cruiser motorcycle is something that you can use for more relaxed rides? This should not be your choice when you are looking for something that will help you enjoy extreme riders. There are still different types available. Get to know each one.
  • Look for discounted motorcycles. You know that you can purchase cheap motorcycle helmets so there is no reason why you would not be able to get cheap motorcycles too. Some old but brand new models may be sold for a discount. Take advantage of these discounts because you can save more and still get the type that you want.

Should You Buy New or Used?

This is one of the main concerns of people who would like to buy motorcycles. They are concerned whether they should get 2nd hand motorcycles. The choice will be up to you. If you do not have enough budget, pre-owned can be good. Just make sure that the condition of the motorcycle is still great.

Your motorcycle would need to be maintained and may probably need to be repaired after some time. Make sure that you are familiar with OEM Honda motorcycle parts so you can get the right replacements for the motorcycle that you have chosen.