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First Driving Impressions with 2018 Mazda3


The 2018 Mazda3 has been designed primarily to enhance its everyday performance, with a perfect smoothness of controls. Mazda wanted to make it a practical vehicle that can jive down through a twisty road with aplomb greater than what other cars in the segment could achieve. When I saw the advertisement reading Mazda3 for sale Las Vegas, all in wanted was to get a first-hand driving experience with it.

Steering, Handling and Ride Comfort

The way the 2018 Mazda3 moves, anyone will like to define it as playful and responsive that has a significant level of lightness to its controls and same is with the movements on the road. The grip level in the 2018 Mazda is solid while the overall ride comfort is more than satisfactory. The 2018 Mazda3 is a fun to drive vehicle as its pedal responds quickly to the driver inputs that is as good as in some sports sedans. The steering is excellent that make you feel the road situations in time, while its on-center precision in response to the steering is better than many with a natural skill in cornering loads. The front tires bring more grip on the road surface that can squeal around the sharp turns without having to employ that much effort. The 2018 Mazda3 behaves playfully even in grim driving situations. The suspension executes its duty well by keeping the body under control. The 2018 Mazda3 stays composed through the journey diving the driver an extra boost of confidence.


The 2.5-liter engine of the 2018 Mazda3 has a small displacement of inline-fours that even without being turbocharged is able to make a decent amount of power as well as torque from its relatively low rpm and that can raise up to the speed of 60 mph in merely 8.1 seconds. The Mazda3 makes a smooth move while acceleration without any jerk or body roll.


Earlier models of Mazda3 series had the stopping distance of 70 mph when the brakes were applied, and that has changed for better with each generation. All the Mazda3 models today show a good stopping time and are easy to maneuver, that makes you feel like pushing the chassis even harder. The 2018 Mazda3 has a smooth brake feel all through the different modes of driving. The pedal works effortlessly at a light press of your tow, without any unnecessary complications. They work as just the way you want it to. Today the 2018 Mazda3 needs 122 feet to stop from a speed of 60 mph, which is average for its segment.

The Gearbox

The clutch pedal feels lighter and easy to press as the power delivery of the engine is essentially linear and naturally smooth. The gearbox throws a light and relatively precise action that plays a vital role in making the rides smooth.

Last Impressions

My first drive with the 2018 Mazda3 was when I booked a test drive at the dealership I found when I searched for the best Mazda for sale near me. My lasting impression with this Mazda model was quite bright and engaging and I feel it deserves appreciation from all the drivers who enjoy driving as a hobby.