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Diploma in physiotherapy – Offering a Rewarding Career in Paramedical Field


Diploma in physiotherapy can be truly a highly rewarding career, especially for those eager to become a qualified operation theatre technician. It is necessary to understand that these professionals form part of the main OT team and need to work along with theatre nurses, anaesthetists, surgeons, etc. They are to be confident enough with their knowledge and expertise that each and every single procedure that is conducted by them is completely safe as well as successful.

The surgical procedure’s successful outcome not only tends to rely upon the attending surgeon and nursing staff capabilities, skills and expertise, but also that of the OT technician’s alertness, level headedness and technical abilities. The fact is due to their negligent approach, the major operation might go wrong, thus placing the lives of the patient in grave danger and even possible death. Having a significant role to play in the physiotherapy, the technician does have lots of responsibilities. As a matter of fact, this job profile does provide the aspiring candidates with huge career outlook. However, it will be useful to first understand completely the profile, before joining the Diploma in physiotherapy course.

B.Sc. in Operation Theatre Technology – Job description

Physiotherapy  technicians are expected to take upon the given below tasks:

They are required to support the surgeons and assisting nurses and anaesthetists to prepare for the surgery in the OT room.

Relocate patients from the wards to the OT room.

Arrange, attach/detach, check as well as adjust the different surgical equipment.

Provide the anaesthetists, nurses and surgeons with proper technical know-how during the procedure.

Have the physiotherapy room cleaned and replenished with the necessary supplies, place all equipment and instruments together according to the given standard operating procedures (SOP).

Align patients comfortably to conduct the procedure.

Diploma in physiotherapy – Some Individual Attributes

Besides the basic education derived, the candidate is also required to have excellent people and communication skills to achieve greater success in this field. Also will be required plenty of flexibility as the working hours will vary. At the same time, the candidates are expected to have greater accountability. They also need to have eye of precision, accuracy and details. Further, they should be able to work under less supervision from their peers, long working hours and erratic shifts. Also, will be necessary an optimistic attitude, healthy mind, higher commitment and patience level as well as compassion. Contact here for Dialysis Technician Course also.

Curriculum and Career Avenues

There are reputed colleges that do offer diploma and graduate level courses to those who seek it. The courses are generally of 2-3 years and the fees charged by the colleges are likely to vary along with their admission rules. The candidate would have to qualify higher secondary school to enrol this course and pursue their studies to become a qualified Diploma in physiotherapy Technician. Once qualified, the kind of role to be played and remuneration to be enjoyed will depend largely upon past experience as well as further specialist skills that will be added on in the future. With consistent hard work, the professional can also enjoy becoming a senior OTT; probably run the theatre unit and have huge responsibilities combined with great prestige and excellent pay package to boast about.