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Coleus forskohlii extract & its benefits


Natural and pure Forskolin extract is derived from the roots of Plectranthus Barbatus. It has been used as a medicinal plant throughout the world, especially in ayurvedic medicines for many years. It has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties with diverse pharmacological benefits. Forskolin is originated from the mint family and commonly found in India, Burma, Thailand and some parts of Africa. The history of Forskolin has been linked as an ancient herbal medicine and helps to treat Central nervous system problems, digestive and gastrointestinal disorders, cough and respiratory problems, infections, eczema, boils and skin problems, rheumatism and body stiffness. Forskolin has been a popular ingredient in diet and weight loss pills which does not cause any potential side effects as the synthetic derivatives. Forskolin is a natural activator, a regulator of adenylate cyclase, an important enzyme that stimulates the production of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). Cyclic-AMP has a close intact with adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which has been effective to treat glaucoma (pressure in the eyes), high blood pressure, inflammation, platelet aggregation, lung disorders.

Forskolin function:

Forskolin, as we discussed above has the tendency to increase cAMP levels which involve in lipolysis, decreases blood clots, and helps to treat obesity and asthma. Simply Forskolin is said to be a cyclic AMP agonist. The adenylate cyclase is obtained from cAMP which has the function in signaling many organisms into motion. cAMP belongs to a group of “ the second messenger”, these messengers help to increase the neurotransmitters activity. Due to this enzyme and its hype beneficial effects, pure natural Forskolin extract has been associated with increasing memory, improving cardio activity, supporting faster mechanisms to lose body fat.

Forskolin Dosage:

The recommended dosage is 25-60 mg per day (for the starters to adapt and adjust the body), the user may find Forskolin 125 – 250 mg on the market and accordingly the doses can be split. But when you choose the supplement, be sure to consider a product without any additive or fillers and make sure that at least 20% of pure Forskolin extract and higher. If the product contains 10 percent Forskolin extract, the results can be dull and slow. While Forskolin is considered as a great fat burner, the users’ should know whether the product is the right choice for them.

Please be careful about the manufacture and expiry date before purchasing any form of Coleus forskohlii extract. If the product is closer to expiry date, the less effectiveness may be noticed. It is advised to choose the supplement from a reputed company to avoid adulteration. If you do not know to find a reputed company, search online, do some research, view forums and reviews, and then decide. Check the company’s reputation to carefully monitor if there is any complaint against the company by the Food and Drug Administration. While choosing Coleus forskohlii extract, look at the label, list of contents, manufacturer’s location and instruction thoroughly. When the product which has less than 10 percent Forskolin extract, your weight reduction goal may be getting delayed. So, better discuss with a physician regarding your general health, the goal of reducing weight, so that he can recommend you the best choice with correct dosage.