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Bringing your parents into the country: Requirements for Parent Visa Australia from India


A number of factors determine your eligibility for a parent visa for Australia from India. They are listed as follows:

  • You should have a child who is the holder of an Australian citizenship, a permanent resident of Australia, or a New Zealand (eligible) citizen: The majority number of your children should be living in Australia rather than in any other country.
  • Your child should have been living inside Australia in a lawful manner for a minimum of two years before you have lodged your application: Your children residing in the country should have completed the minimum amount of time required by law to be eligible to bring you into the country.
  • You are having someone sponsor you: If the above cases are not met, that is to say that, your children have not been living in the country for a long time; you can arrange for a sponsor to gain admission into Australia. It makes you eligible for the visa.
  • ‘Balance of family’ criteria should be fulfilled by you: This is again a condition that makes it mandatory for your children to be registered members of Australia, i.e., they hold Australian citizenship. Also, amongst all your children, at least half the number should be permanently residing in Australia.
  • The health requirements are fulfilled: Have a clean bill of health. You must meet the minimum health standards set by the government. If not, then you must seek treatment that will render you fit enough to meet basic health requirements.
  • The character requirements are fulfilled: You must be a law abiding citizen and not be involved in any such activity that is considered illegal within Australia or by the Australian Government. Also, after gaining its citizenship, you have to abide by all laws of the country.
  • You must not be in debt to the Australian Government: You must not owe any money to the Australian Government. If you are under any such monetary obligation, it should at once be cleared to become eligible for this visa.

If you fulfil the aforementioned conditions, your application will be processed and approved. There are a few things that gaining this visa will entitle you to do. Those things are:

  • Stay indefinitely in Australia.
  • Work in Australia.
  • Study in Australia.
  • Enrol yourself in Australia’s Medicare scheme.
  • Apply for citizenship of Australia.
  • Travel to and from Australia.

Summing up:

A number of things must be kept in mind while making this application. You can be either inside or outside of the country when your application is being filed. But you have to be outside the country when the decision on your visa application is made. The parent visa Australia from India lasts indefinitely. While making this application, you are given the liberty to include the name of your partner, or your spouse, and your children or step children. After gaining this visa you are expected to obey the laws of Australian Government and reside inside the country as a model citizen.