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Beautiful Bathroom Lighting That You Will Want to Stay in Forever

Bathroom Lighting

Your bathroom is a private space where you spend some quality ‘me time’. This is where you will wash away all your stress and tiredness and make yourself feel relaxed. Moreover, people living in busy households can get some refuge in the washroom. Hence, it is very important to design great bathroom designs.

Designing the bathroom is not very difficult. Just make sure that you pay attention to all the aspects. Most people focus only on the fittings and flooring and ignore the lighting fixtures. As a result, the bathroom design appears dark and dull. To create a great bathroom design, you must come up with great bathroom lighting ideas. If you are not sure how to light up your bathroom decorwith lights, here are a few ideas you can consider:

01 of 05 Look for sconces to light up your vanity

Your vanity is one of the spaces that should be well-lit. Otherwise, you will not be able to groom yourself or apply makeup. A nice way to light up your vanity is by adding sconces. These are great for maximising functionality and adding more visual appeal. They will perfectly light up the space and work as decorative lighting. Also, you will be able to clearly see your reflection in the mirror. Look for metallic fixtures featuring tones of brass or silver for modern spaces.

Just make sure that you are mindful of the position of your wall sconces. If you install one directly above your mirror, the light will fall on your face from upward and cast deep shadows below your eyes, nose, and chin.

02 of 05 Hang a pendant light beside your mirror

Symmetry helps to create a more balanced bathroom design. However, many people find it slightly boring. If you are willing to slightly bold as well, challenge the idea of symmetry in your bathroom with a pendant light. Pendant lights are great for lighting up any space and adding more aesthetic beauty to the space as well. Just hang a pendant light only on one side of the mirror. It will impact the overall look of your bathroom. Moreover, your pendant light will light up the vanity area and make your reflection in the mirror brighter. These lighting fixtures are available in many styles. You will also have to ensure that the design of your pendant light complements the design of your bathroom interiors.

03 of 05 Hang a chandelier from the ceiling

When you are thinking about various bathroom lighting ideas, chandeliers will surely cross your mind. They are loved by homeowners because of the luxurious touch they add to any space. You can install one in your bathroom interiors as well for a posh look. It will light up the space perfectly and improve the appeal of your bathroom. Make sure that you position it correctly. According to experts, the ideal place for hanging a chandelier in your bathroom is right above the bathtub. It makes your bathtub the focal point of the bathroom. Also, you have to ensure that the chandelier is at least 8 feet above the tub or 3 feet out from it.

You will have to be careful about the size while buying a chandelier for your bathroom. The size of your chandelier should appear proportionate to the size of the bathroom. Otherwise, the chandelier will appear too large or too small for the bathroom and ruin the look of your bathroom decor.

04 of 05 Create a spa-like atmosphere with indirect lighting

All lighting fixtures are not always installed for task lighting. To create a good ambiance in your bathroom that gives a spa-like feel, you will have to invest in ambient lighting. One of the most popular ambient bathroom lighting ideas is indirect lighting. Indirect lighting is basically hidden lighting that causes diffused illumination. The fixtures are installed in a manner that the light bounces off the walls first and then spread to the rest of the bathroom. This adds more depth and drama to your bathroom interior design. They can be installed in various manners to create the perfect bathroom lighting according to your liking.

05 of 05 Opt for a backlit mirror

Besides a chandelier, you can give your bathroom interior design a luxurious touch with a stunning backlit mirror. These are very popular in modern bathrooms. Recessed stripes are used for lighting up the mirror so that additional shadows do not form in the bathroom when you light it up. Also, you do not have to worry about installing additional lighting fixtures as they offer sufficient illumination. Hence, free space for installing lighting fixtures in your bathroom will not be required. Just make sure that the mirror does not apply too big for the room. Otherwise, it might look awkward when you light it up.