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A Guide To Help You Buy Cheap Textbooks


In case, if you are planning to save a significant amount of money in books for your upcoming semester, look nowhere else. Well, innumerable times, we have witnessed that buying textbooks involves a considerable amount of money. But there are few ways in which you can cut down the cost and buy cheap books. In this article you can find some tips that will help you to save the right amount of money. To know more about the matter, you have to carry on with your reading. And to get some good discounts on textbooks, you can use the Zookal promo codes.

Make use of a comparison tool

Well, it will take half of your semesters if you visit all the stores one by one and try to find the cheapest book present. Thus, what you have to do is to make use of a comparison tool as you have some few hours in your hands. Well, there are numerous price comparison tools, which will help you to compare the prices of different kinds of books at a glance and choose the preferable one. The working principle of these tools is quite interesting as they will collect all the price data from different bookstores, and you can select the one which is going with your budget.

Try to find out the international editions or the previous editions

Well, most of the times textbook get updated for every semester, and you need to bring those books to your classes. But you will find that a lot of book doesn’t get many updates. Almost all of the books remain the same, especially the subjects that go through a slow change like history. Therefore, you can imply the fact that buying the previous editions will serve the purpose. The main thing about this aspect is that the older editions of the books will cost you a bit less compared to the newer versions. Thus, you can save a chunk of money if you go for older editions.

Go for free and open sources

Isn’t it amazing if you can get the textbooks for free? Sounds interesting, right? Well, you can do that, if you can follow some strategies. Here are some of the free sources where you can find your desired textbooks.


Well, if you are going through some budget issues, you can look forward to heading towards the library. All you have to do is to check for your textbook first. You can look for any of the two given options:

  • There is a possibility that your book is available for checkout. So, what you have to do is to depend on the different versions present in the library as your desired textbook is with some other student.
  • Sometimes, the professors help students a lot, and there is a possibility that your professor has left a copy or more on the reserve. Thus, you can go up to the library and spend some time with the textbook for a couple of hours and do your study. Just be sure to face some other students when your semesters are knocking at your doors.

Apart from that, you must not miss checking the public library as they also have a good collection of books apart from your university library.

Other sources of free book

Many public domains will provide you with free books. If you require any kind of books, you can visit these public domains.

Grow networking skills as they are quite helpful

Apart from helping you to get a job, your networking skill will help you to get textbooks at much lower prices. You can make use of some strategies if you want to save a ton of money in your textbooks.

  1. Buy books from other students

  • Find out the students who are taking the classes, which you are about to take.
  • Tell them that you will buy their books after the completion of the semester.
  1. Facebook

  • Search for your university groups.
  • Book exchange groups.
  • Also, go for student’s club groups.

You can mail your professor

By mailing professor, all you have to is to introduce yourself and ask him or her if you need the textbook frequently. Also, ask for if the older version can serve the purpose or not. By interacting with your professor, you can take the appropriate decisions.

Therefore, you can use these tips to save some good amount of money on your textbooks.