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A Comprehensive Guide To Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen

You will have to plan your kitchen design as well when renovating your home. Most people opt for modular kitchens for their homes. Although they are a great option, you can consider choosing an outdoor kitchen design as well. It may not be a very popular choice but is certainly a great one. However, there are various advantages and disadvantages of this kitchen design. You must be aware of them before making any decision. Here are a few:

Advantages of an outdoor kitchen

01 of 05 Increases the value of the property

Outdoor kitchens are not easily available in homes. It is a unique feature that can make your home more appealing. Since it is located in an open space, it will improve your home’s kerb appeal. Hence, you can increase the property value by creating a beautiful outdoor kitchen. It will help to maximise your profit if you ever plan to sell the house in the future. This is because the total amount you will end up spending on the outdoor kitchen design will be much lesser than the profit you will make from the upgrade. A beautiful outdoor space also increases curb appeal.

02 of 05 You can entertain guests while cooking

An open outdoor kitchen is perfect for people who love hosting parties at their homes. This is because accommodating all the guests becomes very difficult inside the home. The interiors might get crowded and suffocating. In the open space outside the house, people can move freely and feel more comfortable. Also, you will not feel excluded while cooking in the kitchen. The open area will allow you to socialise and entertain your guests while you are busy cooking in the kitchen.

03 of 05 The interiors do not get messy

If you host parties for a large number of guests in your home, the chances are that the kitchen will get very messy. If you prepare all the food in your primary kitchen inside the home, the interiors can get cluttered and unorganised. As a result, you will have to clean it thoroughly before using it again the next day. Also, when people enter a dirty kitchen repeatedly, they might drag dirt and grease on their shoes outside the kitchen as well. This can make your home interiors very dirty. Hence, an outdoor kitchen will prove to be very beneficial. You just have to ensure that you take the right measures and manage your outdoor kitchen waste properly.

04 of 05 The interiors stay free from smoke and smell

When you cook in your kitchen, there can be a lot of smoke and smell, especially because of the spices used in Indian kitchens. If the kitchen is not well-ventilated, there are very high chances that the smoke and smell can spread everywhere in your house. This can make the residents cough and feel choked. However, you do not have to worry about any such issue when you have an outdoor kitchen. Since the space is completely open, the smell or smoke cannot bother you.

05 of 05 Keeps the interiors cool

The hob is one of the most commonly used items in the kitchen. Heat is necessary to cook your food properly. When the hob is used for very long, a lot of heat is produced and the interiors start feeling hot. If the kitchen is not well-ventilated, people might find it very difficult to cook in the kitchen. However, you do not have to worry about feeling hot in an outdoor kitchen as the heat does not get trapped in an enclosed space.

Disadvantages of an outdoor kitchen

01 of 02 An expensive alternative

Kitchens should be functional and feature a lot of storage space. You will have to install a lot of appliances, outdoor furniture, and smart storage spaces for your perfect kitchen design idea. As a result, creating a kitchen design can be quite expensive. The cost goes even higher when you opt for an outdoor kitchen. This is mainly because you will have to be very specific while choosing the different materials. Since all the items will stay exposed to different weather conditions, you will have to choose durable options only. Hence, the overall cost of an outdoor kitchen can exceed the total cost of an indoor kitchen.

02 of 02 Cannot be used always

Since the space will stay completely open, the weather conditions can have a huge impact. If it is raining, too hot, or even too windy, you might not be able to use the outdoor kitchen for cooking or outdoor furniture for serving. Hence, an outdoor kitchen design idea will not always be accessible. You will require an indoor kitchen for cooking at times.