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A Brief Guide On Uses Of Metal Paints

Metal Paints

Metal painting might seem intimidating but, it is no different than painting a wooden surface if you take the time to understand the basics of metal paints and how to use them properly. The thing about metal paints is that they come in different types, and you must choose the right one depending on your project.

Choosing the right type of metal coating can get daunting and time-consuming if you are new to the world of metal paints. Should you go for an anti-rust paint or one that promises you a quick-drying feature? Fret, not. We have decided to give you a brief guide on the different uses of metal paints.

Objects that are exposed to heat

If you are planning to paint your oven, stove or commercial level chimneys, engine or industrial pipework, you would want a metal paint that can endure extreme exposure to heat and harsh conditions. In such cases, you must buy a metal paint that promises to be heat resistant. By using heat-resistant metal paint, you can save yourself the trouble of having to retouch the paint often as they are highly durable and will last you for many years.

Gates and railings 

It’s a no-brainer that if you are painting any object that has high traffic, then you want to choose a paint that will dry quickly. Not just that, if you are planning to paint a heavy-duty metal object, then you must buy a metal paint that is highly durable and will provide you with a long-lasting finish. It is recommended that you at least let the paint cure for about 15 minutes so that it dries completely and doesn’t smudge.

Ferrous metals

For ferrous metals, your metal surface needs to be rust-free. So, if you are planning to paint a ferrous metal object, then you will have to first get rid of the rust on the surface before you paint it. If you are painting a nonferrous metal, then you can directly use a metal coating on them as they don’t rust.


If you want to paint your vehicle, you must look out for a highly durable and hard-wearing topcoat that will last you for many years. Make sure that you choose a metal paint that gives you a glossy finish and more importantly one that is UV resistant and will survive in harsh weather conditions.

What to keep in mind before painting a metal surface? 

1. Clean the surface thoroughly

Make sure that your metal surface is free of dust, grime and grease before you paint it as this will ensure better adhesion of your spray paint for metal. You can consider using mineral spirits for stubborn stains and use a mild cleaning liquid for less dirty surfaces. You might have to use sandpaper or scraping tools too to make your surface free of dirt.

2. Fix your surface

If you spot a dent or a hole on your metal surface, then fill it so that you get a smooth canvas to use your metal paint.

3. Get rid of rust

Make sure that you get rid of the rust before you paint as rust reduces the adhesive property of metal paints. Use Apcolite Rust Shield from Asian Paints to get an anti-rust layer of protection on your metal surfaces.

4. Use a primer

It is recommended that you prime your metal surfaces to increase the longevity of your metal paints.

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