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2019 Nissan Murano: A Customer Feedback Report


When Nissan launched first model of Murano in 2003, it was at that time marked as an addition to the newly rising segment of two-rowed mid-sized crossover. That helped it make its kick start to impress the large segment of car buyers with its carlike comfort rides and nimble handling. Today even though this segment is over-crowded, its curvaceous styling in best combination with a solid set of dynamics continues to earn it the same status and few more kudos deserve the lately introduced fresh technologies in a well-tweaked interior.

At the SLO car dealership, we came to know the fact that the Nissan Murano has witnessed a complete redesign a couple of times that also included a new hybrid version join the entire lineup and later a two-door convertible model with the name CrossCabriolet too got its entry there.

The Power Dynamics

The bold styling of the 2019 Nissan Murano couldn’t make it all, unless Nissan have bestowed it with the power to deliver a relaxed driving demeanor since when the model came into existence. Today, the 2019 year model of Nissan Murano runs on a 260-hp generating 3.5-liter V-6 engine that can pick up the speed of 60 mph from a dead stop in around 7.3 seconds, while with the occasional droning capacity of the CVT sometimes bring down the otherwise energetic way of acceleration. This power configuration has scored an EPA rating for the fuel efficiency counting 27 mpg in the real-world highway driving test at a constant speed of 75-mph.

Driving Demeanor

Pleasant driving demeanor is the domain of the 2019 Nissan Murano. Every time you take a ride with Murano, it will invariably stay cushy all the way, while the one who sits behind the wheel would keep enjoying the competent. All the occupants will be well shielded from the external road noise even while driving at a higher speed while the acceleration and brake pedal would respond to all the driver inputs instantaneously.

New Tech Features

Nissan’s Safety Shield 360 bundle is the latest addition to the list of upgraded features in the 2019  Nissan Murano. The bundle consists of relevant and latest driver-assist features along with the standard safety ones, like pedestrian detection, forward and reverse automated emergency braking, rear cross-traffic alert, blind-spot monitoring, lane-departure warning. Exterior components like automatic high-beam headlamps too is included in the package but is still kept optional on the SL trim while you get it standard on the Platinum.

The Bottom Line

When we asked the customers of the SLO car dealer for a feedback report on the 2019 Nissan Murano, all they said is that, the latest Murano from a reputable brand like Nissan can only stand above the ordinary line that defines the mainstream luxury models. With the 2019 redesign, the Murano continues to be a premium model over the rest of the compact crossovers that offer similar space for the passengers and its unique combination of the supreme bold styling, a swanky interior and a creamy ride.