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20 Thoughtful and Practical Gifts for Someone Special

Practical Gifts

Do you have a special person in your life who is difficult to buy a present for during the holidays or on their birthday?

This person is not fussy or picky or even derisive of the entire practice of gift-giving. The only downside to shopping for this loved one is that they are unbearably practical.

These people may crave love and attention, but sentimentality is not worth too much to them. Most items that you can purchase for them are either too frivolous or too plain.

It’s a dilemma that makes you want to pull your hair out every time their birthday or Christmas rolls around. How do you show your love to someone special who does not care for typical gifts?

It can be said that the point of gift-giving is meant to be a luxury. We give other items that they will not usually buy for themselves, typically of higher cost or quality.

But when you love someone very much, neither socks nor gift cards will cut it as presents.

Here are some thoughtful and practical gifts you can present to that special someone and be sure that they will appreciate it.

Travel Pillow

Have you ever experienced travelling to your holiday destination and cannot sleep even though you are tired?

Well, there are good reasons for that, such as excitement and good company. There are also other reasons, such as not being able to find a good position in which to sleep.

With a travel pillow, especially a flexible one, you can be sure that your loved one can get enough rest during their next trip.

First Aid Kit

Accidents are bound to happen, usually when we least expect them. Even for unendingly practical people, sometimes they miss out on preparations and contingencies that suit the circumstance.

Get your loved one a well-stocked first aid kit to ensure that they will be prepared for any emergency. Particularly useful are compact and portable kits that can be taken anywhere and everywhere.


A good thermos can keep your beverages at the optimal temperatures. Make sure your loved one is kept well-stocked on their preferred hot or cold drink with a high-quality thermos.

Coffee Maker

Even if your special someone is not a coffee connoisseur, they will surely appreciate a good coffee maker.

You can even get them one that is portable so that they can have freshly brewed coffee wherever they go.

Book Light

Having good lighting while reading is a must for any book lover. This ensures that they can read for hours without putting any strain on their eyes.

Get the practical book lover in your life a portable book light to keep them happy while reading.


While you cannot follow your beloved wherever they go, they can still bring a piece of you with them. Remind them to keep warm and comfortable by giving them a hoodie.


While we are at it, you can also consider getting your special loved one a scarf too. Some scarfs are infinitely flexible, letting them have the flexibility of multiple styles with just one accessory.


Watches are a classic practical gift that can withstand the test of time. With the advance of technology, though, you can upgrade your gift by purchasing a smartwatch, which gives more functionality than a typical timekeeper.


Is your loved one a fan of music and exercise? Well, these hobbies can sometimes clash, especially if they favour swimming or running.

Most earphones are not built to withstand water or much jolting around. If this is the case, get your beloved speciality earphones to suit their needs.

Alarm Clock

An alarm clock is something that most everyone needs to make sure that they do not accidentally oversleep and miss out on an important meeting.

Alarm clocks nowadays come in various styles, from traditional to wild and wacky. Some alarm clocks make it challenging to snooze easily, ensuring that your resident sleepyhead gets up after hearing the alarm blaring.

Air Purifier

With environmental pollution becoming a more significant issue, you might want to give your special someone the practical gift of an air purifier.

These do not come cheap but will ensure that the air your beloved breathes is fresh and clean as can be.

Bedroom Slippers

Cold floors can be a shock, especially in the morning. Make sure your loved one keeps their feet warm and toasty with some comfortable bedroom slippers such as those from Ugg Express.

Running Shoes

Exercise is an important but often neglected activity in life. Make sure your special someone is reminded and encouraged to go out and move about by giving them a pair of sturdy running shoes.

Water Bottle

Keep the loved one in your life hydrated by giving them a water bottle. This also helps to cut down on environmental waste caused by single-use mineral water bottles.

Portable Juicer

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, the ever-important task of maintaining a balanced diet can be an uphill battle.

Aid your loved one in this quest by getting them a portable juicer. This way, you can make sure that they are getting their fill of vitamins and minerals.

Wireless Key Finder

Even the most organised person can get careless sometimes. Prevent keys from going missing at inopportune moments by giving your beloved a wireless key finder.

Wireless Speakers

Music is an integral part of life, for some more than others. Get your special someone some wireless speakers to keep music playing wherever they go.


UV light can be highly damaging, not only to the skin but also the eyes as well. Make sure your beloved is protected by giving them a cool pair of sunglasses.

Letter Opener

Old-school but highly usable, letter openers make dealing with bills and correspondence a breeze.

Cut down the time your loved one spends on opening letters, so they have more time to do other things they enjoy.

Reusable Grocery Bags

Go green and get your special someone some reusable grocery bags. These are much sturdier than typical shopping bags and can fit many items.

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