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What were the first Christmas ornaments?


Christmas is the best time of year to decorate. You have a lot of free time with family. Most families spend their free time to put up ornaments personalized Christmas all over their home. What you see featured in most homes today have interesting origins.

Have you ever wondered why we put up the ornaments that we do on Christmas? When you take a look at older photos and historical books, you don’t really encounter some of the ornaments that we use all that much. Some are recent, but some have been around for a while.

Below are some of the first Christmas ornaments.

Christmas Tree But Not For Christmas

Interestingly enough, the Christmas tree predates the celebration that heavily features it today. Way before people made a celebration of Christmas, the practice of taking a tree, putting it into your home, and decorating it has been done by ancient Egyptians. They did this during the winter solstice dates.

The practice continued for generations until those that celebrated Christmas and those that decorated their homes with trees became intertwined both in culture and religion. The practice was seen to be relatively harmless and it brought out the festive side of people. That’s why we decorate our homes with a Christmas tree today.

Tinsel: Not Only For The Rich

During the early 1600s, the tinsel became a staple in many German homes that could afford them. Why would affording them be an issue? Because, back then, they were made with shredded silver. This was real silver unlike the tin and lead that we all know today.

The change of material occurred because more and more people were decorating their homes with tinsel. A lot of these homes couldn’t afford or didn’t see the need to buy tinsel every year because they turned black from smoke emitted by Christmas candles. That’s why industrialization paved the way for the tinsels made tin and lead.

Increase In Popularity

The turning point that really catapulted the practice of having a Christmas tree for Christmas and decorating it with ornaments personalized Christmas was in the 1800s. During the reign of Queen Victoria of England, more people thought that it was fashionable to do what the royal family does and that includes having a Christmas tree during the festivities.

Because of the increase in the number of immigrants from Germany and England, America also developed the practice of having a Christmas tree inside homes during Christmas. This wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for the German roots of Queen Victoria and her German husband.

Mass Production Of Decorations

Factories all over Europe, especially Germany, started to import their glass products after World War II. By supplying the demand all over the world, these factories turned a profit as they helped encourage more stores to stock their shelves with Christmas ornaments.

Many companies outside of glass production also contributed to the celebration of Christmas such as the popularization of Santa Claus through ads and printed media that bolstered the temptation of having a more grand celebration for Christmas at home.

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